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2023 is the year for touring concerts from all of our favorite artists. After a long hiatus due to COVID-19 over the last several years, lots of our favorite artists are eager to get back on the road and start touring again. Obviously we're talking about EDM artists, but we're also talking about those bucket list artists that you have to see at least once. With so many tours coming this year, it's time to talk about what to wear to them too.

The vibe at stadium tours is a little bit different from your average rave. We're big on wearing whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good about yourself, but we're also going to make these recommendations based on trends that we see at other stadium tours!

Beyonce's Renaissance Tour is going to bring EDM club vibes to stadiums around the world, and whether you're in club renaissance or up in the nosebleeds, you're going to have an iconic time. There are tons of iHR pieces that just fit the vibe for the album, which honors dance music's rich history in Black and LGBTQ spaces around the world. 

With that being said, we're going to bring the disco vibes to the tour. Anything sparkly, bold, and head-turning will fit the vibe of the concert, and you're in luck because that's our specialty! Check out these pieces below for some inspo on what to wear to the Renaissance tour. Take elements from these fits, like using the top or bottoms in another outfit, or wear the whole outfit! 

Lost In Space Outfit

Laser Cut Outfit

Street Racer Outfit

Discotheque Outfit

Techno Kitty Outfit

Electric Escape Outfit

Catching Fire Outfit

Demand Attention Outfit



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