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Although the best time to go to Tulum is anytime, high season for Tulum is always at the beginning of the year when we see festivals like Day Zero, Zamna and all the smaller, more intimate sets from artists like Disco Lines, John Summit, Damian Lazarus, etc.

If you’re jetting over to this gorgeous tropical destination, check out our Tulum Rave Guide + some outfits we’ve curated to help turn heads and make you a real killa in the jungle! 

Trippy Patterns

Tulum is known for magical, psychedelic moments infused with music and the wonders of fantastic festival production. Why not become the vibe itself? 

Melty Fantasy Buckle Top and Bell Bottoms

Flashbang Matrix Reflective Halter Outfit

Hypnotic Haze Outfit

Skirt Sets

Warm weather in a tropical oasis calls for cute skirts and skirt sets! Try mixing and matching the skirt sets with some basic tops if you want a more relaxed look or combine these with some fluffy earrings, cute sandals and fun glasses for the perfect Tulum festival fit!

Florals & Disco Prints

You can’t miss with cute florals, especially surrounded by so much lush, tropical greenery! Depending on the time of day of your event or festival, you can go for some cute pants or a skirt, add some body and face jewels and you’ll be a sight for sore eyes!

Groovin' Bloomin' Outfit

Boogie Blast Disco Outfit

A lot of people opt to wear a lot of white with shells, paint, and acclimate to the environment of Tulum, which is mystical, indigenous and sacred. However, you can also dress exactly how you want, as long as you’re aware of what the weather is typically like as well as the vibe of the festival or event you’re attending. Why blend in when you were born to stick out, sis? Don’t forget to check out our blog about destination festivals + don’t forget to tag us @iheartraves + #iheartraves!

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