pride 2021 outfit guide
Julia Sachs | May 08, 2024

The Ultimate Pride 2024 Outfit Guide

Pride 2023 is almost here, and whether you're going all-out for your first Pride or if you're a veteran, it's time to honor the queer activists that fought for the LGBTIQ rights we have today. Continue Reading
What To Wear To Pride In Ur City
Photo Credit: Pexels
Julia Sachs | June 09, 2022

What To Wear To Pride In Ur City

It's Pride! With so many cities joining in on the historical celebration, from New York to Salt Lake and so many others alike, we’ve got you covered with whatever vibe you’re looking to jump into!

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queer influencers
Photo Credit: Progress Pride Flag
Julia Sachs | July 01, 2021

Queer Influencers You Should Be Following

Pride month may be over, but following LGBTQ+ influencers and creators online year-round is a great way to stay involved with the community. | iHeartRaves Continue Reading
queer artists
Photo Credit: Pexels
Julia Sachs | June 18, 2021

Pride Month: 5 Queer Artists We Love

To honor pride month, this article will be dedicated to several queer artists who are currently slaying in the industry. Continue Reading
What to Wear to Pride
Kellie Burch | June 12, 2019

What to Wear to Pride

Rave culture was founded on the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love Unity, and Respect) and that all are welcome. One of the wonderful aspects of going to raves is the ability to express yourself through fashion and your unique style. The fashion culture, especially in the rave community, that has blossomed over the years has given many people in the LGBTQ+ rave community the courage to be whomever they want to be despite social norms, stigmas, and outdated traditions. These stories are incredibly touching and have inspired us to create the Pride AF collection - a collection that celebrates diversity within our community.  Continue Reading