Bomfest Festival At Night With Confetti
Photo Credit: Photography by Jin Media, CYK Media, Limages Media, Josh Murray, Kat Lam, Mythic Photo, Mint Captures (Photo Courtesy of Boodang)
Kellie Burch | July 10, 2019

Bomfest 2019: Making Memories that Will Last a Lifetime

I had an unreal time at BOMFEST this year. I’m beyond happy that I got to celebrate my home country with such an amazing crowd, and do it all at such a hype festival. While there were a ton of reasons why I loved the fest, I’ve narrowed it down to my top five list of best BOMFEST moments. (Afterall we can’t be here all day, my double-double from Tim Hortons will get cold).  

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Bomfest at nighttime in Canada
Photo Credit: Boodang
Kellie Burch | June 10, 2019

BOMFEST 2019: Five Sets You Can't Miss

We are just over two weeks away from kicking off the most epic Canada Day long weekend with BOMFEST in Edmonton, AB! This year’s lineup is absolutely killer. If I’m being honest, I will probably be bolting between stages to try to catch as many sets as humanly possible (yes, the lineup is seriously that good). If you aren’t planning to become an Olympic runner for the fest (completely understandable), here’s my top five list of sets you should be sure to check out! Continue Reading
Bomfest Festival in Canada
Photo Credit: Bomfest
Kellie Burch | May 07, 2019

Bomfest 2019

We are less than two months away from Alberta’s hottest three-day outdoor festival. Get ready to kick off the Canada Day long weekend with a bang, because BOMFEST is hitting Edmonton, AB from June 28 - 30, 2019, and this year they dropped an explosive lineup. Continue Reading