Festival Makeup: Rainbow Crease and Smokey Eye
Kellie Burch | May 11, 2019

Festival Makeup Tutorial: Smokey Eye and Rainbow Crease Edition

A couple of my favorite additions to my festival makeup looks definitely have to be face jewels and chunky glitter! You can never go wrong with some decorative sparkly face jewels, or even a bright and dazzling glitter all over. In honor of Festival Season officially starting, I created two separate festival makeup looks using these accessories that can help elevate your rave look!

The first look is a simpler, warm smokey eye with gold chunky glitter, while the second is an elaborate rainbow cut crease with rainbow heart face jewels. Watch my tutorial to learn more!

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Festival Makeup 101: How to Create Neon Makeup Looks
Kellie Burch | February 27, 2019

Festival Makeup 101: How to Create Neon Makeup Looks

Neon makeup and holographic makeup looks have become increasingly popular in festival makeup scene. Both these styles are my absolute favorite, so I created this tutorial to show you how to create two neon makeup looks. The first one is a neon green look, featuring a green cut crease. The second look will be another neon make up look, featuring a glow-in-the-dark-purple cut crease.  Continue Reading