edc 2021
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves
Julia Sachs | April 11, 2024

EDC 2024 Outfit Inspiration

If you’ve been to EDC before, you know that planning can sometimes be stressful. For me, one aspect of planning for a festival that’s also a necessity but also extremely fun is outfit planning! With this EDC outfit guide, planning your rave outfits has never been easier. Check out the hottest styles of 2024 that are guaranteed to be a smashing success.  Continue Reading
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events
Kellie Burch | March 16, 2020

6 Things for Ravers to Do During Social Distancing

Social distancing making you go stir crazy? Have no fear - there are plenty of things you can do to take your mind off of things that your future self will thank you for once festival season is back in action! From making kandi to learning a new festival skill, check out this list of things to do during social distancing that can all be done from the comfort of your own home. Continue Reading
Forbidden Kingdom 2020
Kellie Burch | January 20, 2020

Forbidden Kingdom 2020

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, the largest bass and Dubstep Festival in South Florida, will return for two days in sunny, Boca Raton, FL on February 15th and 16th. This mid-evil themed festival features a STACKED lineup with major names such as Excision, Dion Timmer, Zomboy, Adventure Club, Sullivan King and more. Check out these 5 artists that you can't miss!  Continue Reading
Starting a New Decade at Decadence Colorado
Photo Credit: JeyHump & Decadence
Kellie Burch | January 07, 2020

Starting a New Decade at Decadence Colorado

For the third year in a row, on December 30th, I strapped on a pair of platform boots and headed out the door for a two-night adventure inside the magical land of Decadence Colorado. Ending the decade at Decadence was definitely one of the best decisions I made all year! Continue Reading
Decadence Colorado Lineup
Photo Credit: Global Dance / Badastronaut
Kellie Burch | December 20, 2019

5 Sets Not to Miss at Decadence Colorado

As the end of the year is quickly approaching and the hustle and bustle of the holidays die down, it's time to start thinking about one of the most important nights of the year: New Year's Eve. With the stacked lineup that Decadence Colorado has blessed us with, it's no problem finding artists that you want to see - the problem is who to see. While it was a hard decision to make, here are the top 5 artists that I CANNOT miss at Decadence NYE. 

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Decadence Colorado
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Kellie Burch | November 23, 2019

Tips for Traveling to Decadence Colorado

It's hard to believe that there's less than two months left in 2019! If you've decided to make the trip to Decadence Colorado, you made the right decision for where to ring in 2020! 

If you're traveling from out of town, here are some tips from a Veteran Decadence Traveler to make your adventure to Decadence Colorado a magical, yet efficient trip!  
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Decadence Colorado Lineup 2019
Photo Credit: Decadence
Kellie Burch | September 29, 2019

Decadence Colorado Lineup 2019

New Year's Eve always creates a challenge for every raver: choosing which festival to spend the start of the new year at. It seems like every year the choosing gets harder and harder as more lineups are popping up all over the country. Here's why Decadence Colorado is THE place to spend the last day of 2019! Continue Reading
What to Wear to Pride
Kellie Burch | June 12, 2019

What to Wear to Pride

Rave culture was founded on the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love Unity, and Respect) and that all are welcome. One of the wonderful aspects of going to raves is the ability to express yourself through fashion and your unique style. The fashion culture, especially in the rave community, that has blossomed over the years has given many people in the LGBTQ+ rave community the courage to be whomever they want to be despite social norms, stigmas, and outdated traditions. These stories are incredibly touching and have inspired us to create the Pride AF collection - a collection that celebrates diversity within our community.  Continue Reading
Rainbow Set Outfit with Black Faux Leather skirt
Kellie Burch | May 19, 2019

What to Wear to Paradiso 2019

It’s almost time to pack the car and head back to Gorge-ous Washington for Paradiso Festival 2019! Packing for the Gorge can be tricky sometimes since temperatures can drastically vary each day. Fortunately, iHeartRaves has tons of options for styling from day to night! Continue Reading
5 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Escape Psycho Circus
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Escape
Kellie Burch | October 11, 2018

5 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Escape Psycho Circus

Hallo-weekend is just around the corner and soon, thousands of ravers will be making their way back to the NOS Center for a ghoulish-ly good time at Escape Pyscho Cirus. This annual event hosted by Insomniac Events is, arguably, one of the best Hallo-rave events in the United States. I've had major FOMO of this event ever since I started raving and I couldn't be more excited to attend my first-ever Escape! Here are 5 reasons why I'm looking forward to Escape Psycho Circus. 

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Get to Know iHeartRaves' Hair Wizard: Tasha Tripp
Kellie Burch | March 30, 2018

Get to Know iHeartRaves' Hair Wizard: Tasha Tripp

If you're following iHeartRaves on social media, chances are you've definitely seen some gorgeous hairstyles during our lifestyle shoots. From dying hair to glitter roots to space buns and elaborate braids, this Hair Wizard does it all. Introducing the woman behind the comb, Tasha Tripp! Continue Reading
nocturnal wonderland main stage at glen helen san manuel ampitheatre
Aiza Gernale | September 22, 2017

A Pacific Northwest Raver's First Insomniac Experience at Nocturnal Wonderland

I've always heard good things about Nocturnal Wonderland but I really had no idea what to expect for my first time. Having never attended an Insomniac Events festival, I felt like a real-life version of Alice stepping into wonderland.

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