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Have you ever wanted to get wonky and weird and have a nice beach day? Sol Fest might be the place for you. Sol Fest is the ultimate camping festival at Bama Slam Water Park in New Brockton, Alabama.

First things first babe, let’s make our plans.

Let’s talk all things Sol Fest

The fest is from May 5th-7th, with an early entry day on May 4th. It is a camping festival so there is no need to come and go, no Ubers, and no stressful parking. Everything is at your fingertips! There are showers, food vendors, live art shows, water activities, Frick Frack, flow performers, and 3+ stages loaded with amazing DJs. Don’t forget the pool parties!

What to pack for Sol Fest:

Extra stakes
Air mattress/inflatable couch
The outfits you plan on wearing
Bathing suits
A hoodie
Extra socks (extras of anything is super helpful!)
Cooler with water and snacks
Rave shoes/Comfy sneakers/Sandals
Portable power banks and chargers
Sunscreen/Aloe Vera
Trash bags/plastic bags
All your necessary preferred toiletries (bring some wipes!)
Tapestries/flags/decor to make your campsite unique
+ We had some battery powered lights at our last campsite so we weren't sitting in the dark!

REMINDER: Respect your environment, clean up after yourself, and don’t leave things behind. It is a blessing to be at these events and we want to keep things safe and clean. Want to learn more about how to leave no trace at festivals? We covered it in a blog post here

Here’s an idea of what a day at Sol Fest might look like

Wake up, eat a snack, drink some water, and hit the showers. 

Get dressed and head to the Watering Hole and cool off. Try out the water park features and catch some sun with your rave fam. 

By lunch time it’s time to rejuvenate with some nutrients and water. Seriously, don’t forget to eat and drink lots of water! Head to any of the food vendors and enjoy a tasty meal. 

Time to go back to camp and get dressed for the festivities and head to the stages. Spend the rest of your night dancing to any of the 48 artists performing. 

Once the stages close for the night, if you’re feeling up to it, head over to Frick Frack and play Blackjack, where you bet trinkets instead of money. 

At the end of all the activities, don’t forget to soak up some quality time and some quality sleep with your festie besties so you can do it all again the next day.

The music

Check out this official Spotify playlist, curated by Sol Fest, featuring all of the performers. The whole lineup is available on their website! Who are you most excited for?

What to wear to Sol Fest

For Sol Fest I plan to keep it cute and casual! It’ll be hot and there are lots of things to do, so I plan to keep my outfits comfortable and versatile. I’m really feeling the trippy liquid vibes for this festival! 

Here are a couple of rave outfits you could wear!

You’ll feel like a trippy cotton candy dream in this outfit!

Swirling with Magic Outfit

Wook Fairy Outfit

Serving Swirls Outfit

And don’t forget the most important accessory: your bass face! Get ready for all the wubz, lights, and a 100 ft wide waterscreen with a holographic water show! Live your best life at Sol Fest, bestie.


Shelbaby said:

OMG! This is so helpful; I’ve never been and it sounds so fun. I definitely wanna look into going! This is such a cute post and read!💓

Shelbaby said:

OMG! This is so helpful; I’ve never been and it sounds so fun. I definitely wanna look into going! This is such a cute post and read!💓

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