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I truly believe the greatest tool to spice up any rave look is glitter. Festival season is here and we are totally into the sparkle! There’s a lot of different ways to rock this trend, but I’m going to share my favorite ones with you in case you are looking for some inspiration. 

Nowadays there are plenty of brands that offer options for everyone. When you're about to choose the perfect glitter, make sure this one is safe for you and for the environment. Once I spotlight this… Welcome to the glitter world!  

Starlight Sprinkle Sequin Outfit

Chunky glitter 

As I already said, when we get into the glitter trend, there is freedom of choices, but one of the most popular is the chunky glitter. This type of shimmer is thicker than the normal, adding a powerful shine on every look. It’s common for them to add cute shapes to it: Hearts, stars or just a couple of flakes to add texture and make it strong. 

I would recommend using this type of glitter specially on the hair. You can put it directly to the roots to upgrade any hairstyle; space buns, pigtails and braids are good options, but it will also look fantastic with loose hair! Chunky glitter is perfect to highlight. Another option is to add it to specific parts of your body. What about your cheekbones or collar bones? Take the risk, it looks beautiful. 

In most cases, this kind of product comes ready to use, but if not… My favorite trick is to mix it with clear hair gel and apply it with a brush. It’s completely safe and once it dries, it’s timeless approved for the rave. Btw, you can use this tip everytime glitter doesn’t have a way to stick. 

Lunautics Zenon UV Reactive Glitter

Eyes and lips 

The fierce combo! One of my favorite things about glitter is that it’s easy to use. I’m really bad at makeup, but adding it to my natural look changes literally everything and makes me look like a pro. You can wear the twinkle applying it directly to your eyelid or tear duct, try with funny colors as neons to enhance the look and to add depth. Same story with the lips, either if you prefer full glittery or just a thin coat on some colorful base, matching the shine of eyes and lips is a good way to improve the whole style. 

iHeart Lunautics Supernova Glitter

Body glitter

Let’s get covered in fairy dust! A shimmery skin looks gorgeous, give your body a special glow using glitter. This is the best way to complement your rave outfit, standing out for the parts that are not covered with clothes. Your shoulders, chest, arms and legs are good to go, but in case you want to give a sexy taste, you can also apply it on your booty. 

Rave glitter was made for cosmetic use, so in case you are too worried about the removal… It’s just as easy as regular makeup. Use your creativity and dare to try! Festivals are a  safe place to express yourself.

Heaven's Dust Outfit

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