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Your rave outfit is finally here! Cheeky bottoms, a supportive top, and all the sparkly accessories you could find. But then, the crisis hits you.

You don’t have shoes to match.

Don’t worry, little raver! This rave footwear guide will help you choose the right shoes so you can complete your look and dance the night away. No matter your style, you can find the perfect shoes to have you looking cute and ready to enjoy all the good vibes!

Dark and Edgy

Demonia combat boots

Demonia Slacker Combat Boots

Demonia platforms

    • Stomp, bounce, and strut with confidence in these badass boots that put the cherry on top of any dark and edgy rave outfit. Wearing platforms to an event may leave your ankles hurting, so wear them around the house before rave day to make sure they’re dance-proof. 
    • Bonus points: if you’re short, you’ll actually be able to see the DJ on stage!
rave sneakers

Shuffle Queen Holographic Dad Sneakers

Comfort Queen

  • I get it, platforms aren’t for everyone. To be the queen of comfort at your next event, look under the sneakers tab on the iHeartRaves website. Shufflers, flow artists, and rail riders will love the foot support.
yellow combat boots

Nocturnal Combat Boots

Ready for Combat 

  • Search “combat boot” on the iHeartRaves site to explore the colorful and comfy options! Combat boots will keep your feet happy while you rave, but you may find your toes getting sweaty by the end of the night. Protecting your toes from a crowd of ravers is imperative, so combat boots are the way to go at a festival or large event. 

YRU rainbow boots

YRU Dune Rainbow Platform Shoes


  • iHeartRaves sells YRU boots, which are super unique and cute for themed outfits. I love this pair for a rainbow look, for example.

If you’re heading to a camping festival:

  • Bring cheap flip flops, slides, or Crocs for the showers. Never shower at a festival without something to protect your feet. I think you can imagine why… Yuck!

Before buying new shoes, always consider purchasing secondhand.

  • Reduce your impact on the environment by looking for secondhand shoes before you buy brand new. Check out your local thrift store, a rave clothing resale Facebook group, or apps like Depop or Poshmark. Not only do you help the environment and encourage sustainability, but you can also get lucky with pre-loved shoes - meaning they’re already broken in and are more affordable if you're shopping on a budget!

Don’t walk out the door until you consider:

  • Insoles
    • No matter what’s on your feet, it’s a good idea to get custom-made insoles for extra support. Add this to your to-do list at least a few weeks before your event to make sure you get them in time.
  • Silicone heel protectors
    • If you’re nervous about blisters, be sure to pick up a pair of silicone heel protectors to stick inside your shoes. You’ll be happy you did!
  • Socks
    • Wearing thick socks is a good way to avoid blistered feet. Look for socks made for hiking for extra support.
    • If you’re wearing fishnets, be sure to follow this important rule: always put your socks on before your fishnets! Otherwise, you’re bound to have sad toes.

Whether you’re rocking your Demonias, shuffling in your sneakers, or stomping in your YRU platforms, you’ll radiate confidence knowing that you picked the best shoes for your outfit! Now get out there and spread those PLUR vibes.

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