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2022 flew by! This last year was a blast because it was our first real year back with a normal festival season in several years. Tons of festivals came through this year, from Coachella to EDC, Ultra Miami, and more! It was nice to get back out there to enjoy raving again after so much uncertainty in 2020 and 2021. 2023 is almost here, and we can't wait to make it our best year yet! 

Whether you are staying home or going out, putting on a sparkly rave outfit will help lift your spirits and help ring in 2023 in style.

Starlight Lover Mesh Bra Top, Starlight Lover Mesh Marabou Mini Skirt, and Acting Shady Fuzz Boots

Reflective & Holo

Shine bright as your 2023 future in a multitude of reflective styles from pastel ice bb to dark and badass. Holographic is also always in style, so grab something from our New Year's Eve 2022 collection and head out in something cozy but cute! 

Babycakes Puffer Pants, Dream Come True Rhinestone Studded Captain Hat, Roma X iHR Shine Like Gloss Halter Top

Cyber Warehouse

Although warehouse parties are on hold for the time being, you can still evoke the feeling of the underground at your house. Wear mostly black with a pop of reflective or fishnet to complete the look. Turn off all your lights except one ref one in the corner, clear room for a dance floor and blast your darkest bass or techno beats. Shop Chaps & Bodysuits


Wanna be fabulous with ur festie bestie? Matching always creates a moment. Our Glamour Girl Maribou Skirt Set is perfect for achieving ultimate #sliving status. 

Cha Ching Fringe Top, Chaps, and Arm Warmers


For more New Year's Eve outfit inspiration, check out our Best Sellers.

New Year's is your time to shine when you’re ringing in the new year. It’s a special time to be able to reflect on the past year and set goals and intentions for a new future. It’s a time to celebrate and there’s nothing better than transitioning into the New Year than enjoying a drive-in rave or livestream at home with your friends. This guide will help you come up with outfits so that you can look your best once the clock strikes midnight!

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