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Jessica Audiffred isn't afraid to make dance music fun. What I love the most about dance music is that it's fun, especially in a live setting. At its core, dance music doesn't want to be taken too seriously. Artists who understand that fundamental tend to stand out. They're the artists at a festival who are drawing in a massive crowd regardless of stage size simply because of their energy. They're the artists who are not afraid to take risks, and who end up creating the most memorable festival moments for their audiences because of it. 

The first time I saw Jessica Audiffred was at Das Energi 2022 when she played the mainstage during sunset—the best timeslot of the whole festival, in my opinion. The crowd was massive, and everyone lost their minds when she remixed Zedd's Clarity into a heavy dubstep track. Half a year later, we've caught up with Jessica Audiffred to discuss everything from her musical influence to what's next, and even her rave style!

iHeartRaves: How has coming from Mexico City influenced your work?

Jessica Audiffred: Mexico City is a very big city. Growing up, I was exposed to a lot of amazing music – rock & roll, trance, techno, and eventually bass music. All of this has influenced my sound heavily. Thanks to my older brother, as a kid, he would always play new music for me when he’d drop me off at school.

iHR: You just dropped a new track called "Never Be The Same," can you tell us a bit about the production on that?

JA: I wanted to make a song that I could play in all of my festival sets, something I knew my audience would like. I had the instrumental and melody down but needed a talented vocalist to bring it to life. I connected with Sara Benyo, who I had worked with in the past and she did just that. It’s been very well received. 

iHR: What are some of your current musical influences? How can fans expect those influences to come out in your future work?

JA: In the coming year I want to make my sound more accessible to a larger audience. I plan on working with more session writers and vocalists and scaling my sound for main stages. I’ll never lose the big bass drops that we all love so much but you will definitely notice a change in my future releases. 

IHR: You're just finishing up a pretty big tour, what are some of your favorite memories from that experience?

Honestly, seeing how many people have connected with my music in so many different cities across the world. People who sing along with my music, bring gifts, wear my merch, and want to take photos with me. It makes all of the hard work so much more worth it. 

iHR: What are some upcoming shows you're most excited for?

JA: Every show is exciting in its own way! But, if I had to pick one or two for the moment (that have been on my mind) it would have to be Tomorrowland in Belgium and Brazil! They are such new markets for me, and I am really excited about how that will go down!

iHR: Tell us about how you got involved in fashion?

JA: I’ve always loved expressing myself with the outfits I wear, it’s an art form in itself. I try to be unique in the way I do that and over the years it’s been noticed by others in the industry. I’ve had a long-term relationship with Adidas that has continued to grow over the years. They help me satisfy my sneaker addiction. 

iHR: What are some of your favorite rave and festival styles?

JA: I like to be comfortable at raves but also fully express myself without limits. To me, that is typically sporty, loose-fitting outfits that keep me cool and don’t restrict my movements, especially when I am performing. I also love to layer, that way I have options when it gets colder or warmer throughout the day. 

iHR: What does festival fashion mean to you? 

JA: Festival fashion should be expression free of judgement. It’s a time to share our vision and art with one another, inspire one another and grow together.  

iHR: What does rave and dance music culture mean to you?

JA: Rave and Dance culture has given me a platform to be myself and to express myself fully. There is no feeling like it and nothing that can replace it. It’s my home no matter where I go. 

iHR: If you made one piece of kandi today, what would it say?


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