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Ravers like to dress up, so naturally, Halloween is the perfect holiday. Escape Psycho Circus is one of my favorite Halloween raves, and this year did not disappoint! Taking place in San Bernardino, CA over the weekend on Friday and Saturday, October 26 & 27th, Escape hosted a sold-out crowd of 125,000 costumed Headliners.

For me, one of my favorite parts about Escape is touring the Wonderland Asylum. It’s a 32,000 haunted house with production quality at Disneyland levels. This year’s haunt was the largest and most intricate yet, featuring over 150 performers, 25 individual sound systems, and 30 distinct rooms depicting scenes from eight years of Escape trailer storylines.

The fashion though is of course a favorite thing for me as well! Day one I dressed as a leopard and day two I was a devil. The weather kept pretty warm both nights, so it was easy to be dressed in your costume without having to cover it up to stay warm! Let’s check out some of my favorite looks from this year. There’s, of course, no wrong time to wear a costume to a rave, so take these looks as inspo for even your next event -- Halloween or not!


Cheetah Kitty inspired rave outfit

Mesh Keyhole Halter Top: iHeartRaves, $19.95

Wild One Belted Utility Pants: iHeartRaves, $30.51

Fishnet Oversized T-Shirt: iHeartRaves, $15.95

Glitter Tiger Pasties: Neva Nude, $6.47


Strappy Snakeskin Gold Bodysuit

Sparkly Snakeskin Strappy One-Piece: iHeartRaves, $26.44

Rave Kitty Halloween Costumes

Wet Look High Neck Zipper Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $38.95

Rave Kitten Costume with Black Zip Front Tube Top and Black Side Tie Shorts

Into the Shadows Zip Front Tube Top: iHeartRaves, $13.21

Into the Shadows Lace Up Shorts: iHeartRaves, $16.64

Night Walker Face Jewels: Neva Nude, $12.95


Cheetah Print Plunging Bodysuit

Animal Instincts Plunge Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $44.95


Kitty Cowboy Costume

Liquid Leather Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Wet Look Thigh Highs: iHeartRaves, $18.95

Metallic Corset: iHeartRaves, $16.15

Gold Sequin Star Pasties: Neva Nude, $7.96

Liquid Leather Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Chaps: iHeartRaves

The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Inspired Rave Outfits

Holographic Sporty Cut Out Crop Top: iHeartRaves, $36.95

Micro Booty Shorts (Holographic & Black): iHeartRaves, $19.16

Fearless Fence Net Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $15.95

Hologram High Waisted Booty Shorts: iHeartRaves, $19.96

Multi Strap Garter Utility Belt: iHeartRaves, $21.56

Liquid Leather Sporty Crop Top: iHeartRaves, $36.95

Vinyl Body Harness: iHeartRaves, $35.72


Star Wars Storm Trooper Inspired Rave Outfit


Holographic Mesh Cropped Tank: J Valentine, $19.95

Iridescent Daisy Jewel Pasties: Lunautics, $15.95

All Tied Up High Cut Bottoms: J Valentine, $34.95

Holographic Studded Heart Leg Garters: iHeartRaves, $18.36


Blue Sequin Bodysuit and White Mesh Crop Top with Robot Pasties

Delusion Bodysuit: Rolita Couture, $31.48

Glitter Robotic Pasties: Pastease, $7.96

Hazy Holographic Ring Choker: iHeartRaves, $7.96

Holographic Mesh Cropped Tank: J Valentine, $19.95

Hologram Scrunch Tie Sport Shorts: iHeartRaves, $26.95

Fence Net Thigh Highs: iHeartRaves, $6.95


Rainbow Colored Giant Butterfly Wings with Black Harness Outfit

Giant Butterfly Wings: iHeartRaves, $32.76

Bondage Harness: iHeartRaves, $17.89

Bejeweled Butterfly Pasties: Lunautics, $13.56

Liquid Leather Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $32.95

Wrapped in Lust Harness: iHeartRaves, $21.56


Raver with Blue Hair wearing black strappy top and trippy bottoms

On the Brink Buckle Mini Crop Top: iHeartRaves, $23.95

Liquid Tripp Bottoms: iHeartRaves, $32.95

On Theme

Skeleton Pasties and Mesh Top with Fence Net Thigh Highs

Skeleton Pasties: Pastease, $9.99

Studded Garter Belt Harness: iHeartRaves, $29.95

Raver at the NOS Center wearing black strappy bodysuit and purple skirt

Jet Black Bodysuit: iHeartRaves, $12.94

All photos taken by me, @festfashions. 

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