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When you’ve finally met your rave bae, there’s nothing better than going to all your favorite shows and festivals together. And half the fun of any rave is planning the perfect outfit! When you go to a rave as a couple you essentially get to plan two outfits for each day, doubling the fun. Here are a few ways that you can go about styling the perfect couple’s look:


Color Coded

A good way to start planning your outfits is by picking a color scheme. There are a lot of directions you can go with matching colors and tones. You could choose one specific color, go for anything neon or neutral, or build your own color palette. When matching colors instead of specific pieces, it’s easier to show off your unique styles. For example, if you decided to wear rainbow, you could still choose pieces in different prints and cuts. The J. Valentine Rainbow Pride Harness Top and BB Ur So Fly Halter One Piece give off totally different vibes but fit the same color scheme and will look great together in pictures!


Moonlit Mystique Outfit

Pump Up The Bass Fishnet Top

Print Perfect

If you want your looks to be really cohesive, dress in the same print! You can both sport the pattern all over, or one of you can wear accessories to match the other’s outfit. Popular prints like Liquid Tripp have so many options to choose from. It would be pretty easy to come up with two outfits in this print. Or, if one of you is wearing the Liquid Tripp Keyhole Halter Bodysuit, the other could wear the Liquid Tripp Bucket Hat. This is an awesome option if one of you loves to go all out dressing up and the other is more casual. A simple accessory like a bucket hat in the same print can go a long way.


Melty Fantasy Buckle Top and Pants

Go Grin Camp Shirt

All About The Vibes

One way to show off your differences while still coordinating is by choosing outfits that fit the same vibe, but aren’t necessarily super similar. Say you decide to lean in to the groovy trend, you’ll look amazing in florals, bright colors, flowy sleeves and bell bottoms! The Lost In The Sauce Outfit and the Flower Fairy Outfit don’t match persay, but they’ll still look great together while you’re roaming around the fest. You can find pieces for anyone that give off the same vibe but still allow you to express yourself however you like.


Lightning Flash Reflective Outfit

mens reflective vest

Delaying Tactic Reflective Fishnet Vest

Share The Love

Sharing accessories like glitter, bodypaint and flash tattoos is a super easy way to join your styles, and it can be done totally last minute. Accessories like these can make you look unified even if your outfits are very different. You could be sitting at your campsite, ready to go into the fest and start to regret not coordinating your fits. All you have to do is add a little matching glitter and you’re good to go!


Embrace Your Differences

Just because you’re a couple, doesn’t mean you have to match at all. Don’t be afraid to express yourselves and show off your own senses of style! If one of you loves edgy outfits like this No Escape Outfit but the other has a more dreamy vibe, you should embrace that. You can also use these same ideas to coordinate group festival outfits with ur whole rave fam! 

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