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Have you ever wanted to delve into the world of making kandi cuffs, but didn't quite know where to start? Here's your chance to learn from experts who have been there! Here's what kandi cuff expert, Ducky AKA @misshalcyon441 has to say!


How Do I Make a 3D Kandi Cuff?

This is my most frequently asked question and here's my guide on just that! Whether you're a newbie kandi kid, or seasoned raver who wants to try something new, this tutorial breaks it down into how to make the base and how to build it up into a 3D kandi cuff. Happy creating! - Ducky AKA @misshalcyon441



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Hello Kitty Kandi Cuff Instructions:

This 3D cuff starts out with a simple X-based cuff and then can be built out to create multiple layers and for a fun 3D look. First, pick your charm or small toy, like this Hello Kitty charm to add to your 3D kandi cuff. 

3D Cuff Tutorial-1

Getting Started:

For this project you will need the following supplies:

  1. Pony beads in various colors to match your charm and pattern
  2. Elastic (at least a card)
  3. Plastic yarn needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Charm, plastic figure or peeler
  6. Lighter
  7. Sharp quilting needle
  8. Optional small cups to separate out beads by color

Next, you're ready to come up with a pattern and start your 3D kandi cuff. 

Starting the Base:

  1. Begin by selecting two colors and stringing them onto the elastic in the following pattern two main color and one accent color.
  2. Repeat two main beads one accent bead until the end.  By the end, you will have a total of 11 sets or 33 beads.  Test this single on your arm for fit.
  3. Adjust the pattern by sets of three to increase or decrease the size.  I find that 33 is a good size for the upper arm of a smaller woman, for guys upper arms I would go up to 39 beads or 13 sets. 
  4. Once you have adjusted the size for your arm tie off the single with a double knot.  Do not cut the elastic, you will need almost the whole card for this one project.  Feel free to adjust the colors to fit the charm you want to add on or just your favorite colors.

3D Cuff Tutorial-2

Adding the 2nd Layer of Beads:

  1. Next, you will string three beads on the elastic: one main bead, one accent bead, and another main bead.
  2. Then take the needle with the elastic threaded on it and put it through the first accent bead to the left of where you tied off the single.
  3. Pull the needle through tightening up the elastic but don’t pull it too tight, you still want the elastic to have a little give. 
  4. Repeat this pattern over and over through each accent bead with one main bead, one accent bead and one main bead stringing it through the next accent bead on the base single.
  5. Continue with this pattern in a counter clockwise rotation until you reach the last accent bead on the base single.  

3D Cuff Tutorial-3

Adding Height to Your Kandi Cuff:

  1. String on the last set of 3 beads and put the needle through the last accent bead on the base row as well as the main bead and accent bead of the next row up which is also the row you just completed.
  2. To start the next row string 1 main bead, 1 accent bead, and 1 main bead onto the elastic and string the needle through the next accent bead to the left following the pattern around counter-clockwise. 
  3. Continue this pattern adding more and more rows. The cuff will fan open at first as seen here but don’t worry, the cuff will start to take shape around row three.  Be sure you keep the elastic tight, but not to tight.  The fanning out effect will be fixed when the last row is added to the inner cuff.
  4. Keep adding rows until you get your desired height, but remember to make it an odd number so the pattern works out.  For the example shown I have 5 rows (including the base) and then the closing or top row.  

3D Cuff Tutorial-4

Start Building the Outer Ring:

  1. Once you have reached your desired height add 2 more main beads between each accent bead and tie off the inner cuff with a double knot, but remember not to cut the elastic. 
  2. Select the next 3 beads for your pattern: 2 outers, 2 inner and 1 middle. 
  3. String the beads on the needle in the following order outer, inner, middle, inner than outer.
  4. Count 3 accent beads down diagonally on the cuff from where you tied it off and string the needle through the accent bead.
  5. String the same pattern outer, inner, middle, inner then outer and count up 3 accent beads diagonally and string the needle through. Follow this zig-zag pattern all the way around the top rows of the cuff. 
  6. Once you have completed the zig-zag pattern all the way around the top of the cuff you will cross back over to make an X pattern. 
  7. String 1 outer and 1 inner bead on to the needle then put the needle through the middle bead and string on one inner and outer bead and string through the third diagonal accent bead on the base cuff. 
  8. Follow this same pattern going through the middle bead each time to create an X pattern with the beads.

3D Cuff Tutorial-5

Almost there! The Final Steps:

  1. Keep following this pattern around the cuff until you have an X pattern all the way around the top row (what was previously three rows) of the cuff.  Then follow the same pattern for the bottom rows until you have the X pattern all the way around the cuff.
  2. Select your last pattern of beads: For the outer X pattern you will need to place the beads in the following order first outer bead, second outer bead, first inner bead, second inner bead then string the needle through the middle accent bead, second inner bead, first inner bead, second outer bead, and first outer bead. 
  3. Then string the needle through the middle bead in the previous level.  Follow this order with the zig-zag pattern stringing the needle through the middle bead on the lower level each time.
  4. Once you complete the zigzag all the way around go back the other way again completing the X pattern. 
  5. String the beads in the following pattern first outer bead, second outer bead, first inner bead, second inner bead then string the needle through the middle accent bead, once through the accent bead follow the pattern second inner bead, first inner bead, second outer bead, first outer bead then through the middle of the X on the lower level of the cuff.  Follow this order until you get to the second to last X.

3D Cuff Tutorial-6

Add Charms and the Finishing Touches:

  1. On the last X string add on the charm you want to use.  I’m using a plastic Hello Kitty figure.  You can turn any soft plastic toy into a bead by carefully heating up a needle with a lighter and poking a hole through the soft plastic. 
  2. Then string it on following the same pattern as the beads before tying the cuff off with a triple knot and cutting the string. 
  3. You can add letter beads or other accents to the pattern if you want to make it more personal and original.  
  4. If you are adding a perler finish off the cuff pattern all the way around and then use clear elastic to sew it to the cuff in a few different places to ensure it secured.
That’s the basics for a 3D cuff, but there is so much room for creativity! 

    You can make the huge so they become epic cuffs or you can make them really small and cute.  The outer row doesn’t have to follow the X pattern either you could make the rows go around. The sky’s the limit, just play around with it until you find something you like.

    3D Cuff Tutorial-7

    We’d love to hear your feedback, let us know what you want to see in the future! 


    Evelyn said:

    Love this tutorial!! Made my first 3d cuff:) I’ve always had trouble forgiving out how to build up!

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