Ur the queen of headbanging and the CEO of fishnets. U spend most of ur time at the rail. Ur usually wearing something black and strappy but can be tempted by red or another dark color. Ur always bragging about how u broke ur neck but u would never take the night off from raging because it's what u live for.

As an edgy raver ur fave...

DJs: Excision, BTSM
Makeup Look: Simple black liner + black lipstick
Festival Shoe: Black combat boot
Accessory: A simple choker—nothing that will make it hard to headbang!
Festival Snack: Fries that someone delivered to the rail
Drink: Water from ur camelbak

Ur festival style is equally based on comfort and fashion. U love looking cute, but u need something that's going to be able to provide support while u get down. We picked these pieces out just for u:

Styles U Love:

Radiant Ruins Outfit

Lost In The Speed Outfit

Cyber Angel Outfit

Ready, Aim, Fire Outfit

Defy The Dragon Outfit

Catching Fire Outfit

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More Styles:

Go Hard Outfit

Zero O' Clock Outfit

Demand Attention Outfit

Sweet Like Candy Outfit

No Escape Outfit

Critical Moment Outfit

Locked & Loaded Outfit