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June 09, 2022 | 0 COMMENTS
With sunshine and warm nights peeking around the corner, we are so excited to present you with a few ideas of what you could wear to one of the most looked-forward to events of the Summer season: Pride! With so many cities joining in on the historical celebration, from New York to Salt Lake and so many others alike, we’ve got you covered with whatever vibe you’re looking to jump into!

For those who are looking to stick to the classics and wanting to stand out loud and proud, we’ll start off with a few rainbow looks. The rainbow is such an easily recognizable symbol to remind ourselves and others around us to celebrate our diversity, sexuality, and love as the beautiful spectrum that it really is!

Looking to keep it a little more on the casual side of things? An oversized tee with some small accessories to go with is always the perfect combo of cute and comfortable!
Maybe you’re feeling a bit more on the groovy side of things. Then these pieces are exactly what you’re looking for! Add some glitter and face jewels and you’re all set to go!

For those who like to stay within the darker side of the rainbow, (or maybe bright colors just don’t mesh well with the rest of your closet, hey we’ve been there too!) Here are a few outfit ideas that keep the dark element that you’re seeking with some trendy flare! For these ones, we’re still incorporating a rainbow element, but making it a bit more subtle. Outfits that could work for either day or night time wear - we’d suggest these beauts! 

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