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Tomorrowland is a beautiful experience. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly suggest you do. People from over 200 different countries plan to visit this year, making Tomorrowland the biggest international event on the planet. Here is a guide on what to wear, what to bring, and how to prepare for your journey to Tomorrowland!


Tomorrowland Experience

The camping experience at Tomorrowland, called Dreamville, is a fully functional community with 12 camping packages. Everything from your basic tents to Dreamville lodges is sold to give people a unique glamping experience. The Dreamville campsite is the size of 128 football fields and features a supermarket, a butcher shop, tattoo shop, beauty salon, and a place for recreational activities like yoga and a gym. It even has its own radio station and Tomorrowland edition newspaper that’s released every morning. Tomorrowland also has its own currency called “pearls”. Where each pearl accounts for 2 dollars. Everything is crafted to create a once in a lifetime experience. Like a Disneyland for the electronic music world!

This year is going to be special because TML ‘19 will be celebrating their 15th anniversary. Since their first debut in 2005, Tomorrowland has grown to be one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world. 2019’s festival will see around 32,000, with 240 incoming flights from 83 different airports. Let’s just say it’s a good idea to arm yourself with an arsenal of clever outfits and iHeartRaves has you covered with the perfect outfits to elevate your Tomorrowland experience.


Must-Haves for Anyone

Tomorrowland is a different experience from the US festivals we are used to. It’s humid and you will spend a lot of time out in the sun. Wearing shoes that are good for long distance walking is a great idea. There will be hills and steps, it can get rough on the calves over the course of the 4-day festival. It can also rain intermittently and hard, so some shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly a raincoat would help. We didn’t see too much rain last year but it did pour one night. It rained super hard around 1 am and went for hours. The ground was semi-dry by the time we were ready to head to the festival. Consider bringing a cute rain jacket in case this happens again!

Definitely bring a swimsuit and it might even be smart to bring water shoes too. They come in handy for the public showers. Yes, I said public showers. More like a splash pad if you ask me. Sounds gross but it’s free and people are wearing their swimsuits. Someone even shared their shampoo one day with me, it’s pretty organized. Don’t worry though, Tomorrowland offers private showers too, around 6 pearls or 12 bucks. They have very nice showers with a large stall and constant temperature. The choice is up to you!

iHeartRaves blue and pink high cut swim set

Into the Void High Cut Booty Shorts, Into the Void Sporty Crop Top

trippy print men's swimtrunks
String Theory Men's Swim Trunks

Purchase a locker. It’s important that you keep your passport and other items safe. Although Security was doing an excellent job of checking tents while everyone was away, it’s still important to keep valuables safe. They sold out of lockers last year and I had to use a friend’s. I did not make that mistake this year and got it with my ticket.

Speaking of safety, fanny packs or backpacks and belts are an awesome idea for keeping valuables safe. Men, if you can get shirts that cover the pocket openings in your pants, that can help. My suggestion is to leave the wallet and credit cards behind. Put it away with your passport in your locker or suitcase. Everything is paid for with your bracelet which is linked to your credit card. You do not need them while you’re at the festival.

Women, the belts can be slid under shirts or the leg pouches with the clasps can be a good way to keep valuable. Anything that clasps is a great deterrent pickpocketing. Another nifty idea is to buy a rope or I used a carabiner and loop your zippers together so you have to undo it before unzipping the bag. Cheap but effective. This will go a long way to ensuring you have a great time.

Hydration Packs for Festivals

Tons of Hydration Packs/Backpacks like this are available throughout!


Outfits for Men

Men usually wear tank tops and shorts. Some wear button-up shirts and pants. With the humidity being so high, guys do take their shirts off. It might be a great idea to sparkle the chest, muscles, or beard.

Fabulous Jason Glitter

Credit: @fabulous_Jason

A lot of guys last year had temporary shiny tattoos that covered their muscles, they looked very Romanesque. if you’d like a more permanent memento, Dreamville has a tattoo parlor giving out Tomorrowland tattoos. Just make sure to take care of it, the sun can be horrible on new fresh tattoos.

INTO THE AM Pocket Tees and Swim Trunks


Outfits for Women

US Festivals are quite different from European festivals. Women don’t usually dress down and wear things like panties, or lingerie. People are usually dressed in a loose beach fashion like seen in California or upscale dresses and rompers. I think crop tops and shorts or a dress, knee-height, are the way to go. It minimizes the wetness from sweating, and it can expose more of the skin so breathability is better.  Then at night I usually do leggings and a pretty bra-let or top because it can get a little chilly when the wind picks up.

shazamamanda matching two piece set

Credit: @shazamamanda

One of my best outfits last year was my reflective jacket, sparkle top, and tutu. I guess the outfit combo was pretty unseen before and I got a lot of compliments! 

Play around but make sure it’s doesn’t make you too toasty. Tomorrowland weather can be very humid and it can feel hot if you aren’t used to it. Activewear is a good idea to bring with you because you are going to sweat.

It can also rain over the course of the weekend as well so bring some waterproof boots with you. So you don’t have to ruin your shoes. Here are some outfit ideas inspired by the community of Tomorrowland.

An affordable, all-inclusive outfit that would go great at night if you tend to get a little chilly.

Reflective Set from iHeartRaves

Reflective Set

Also, I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes that can go long distances because you’ll be doing a lot of walking over the 4 days.

Break the Ice Combat Boots


Here are some strong female outfit ideas inspired by the community of Tomorrowland.

Black Mesh Slit Dress

J. Valentine Mesh Slit Pants

Pair it with a beautiful head chain and crop top.

Electra Headchain

Lovin' Lavender Leggings 

Lovin Lavender Leggings

For those of you that get cold at night, here are some pants that are both practical and beautiful. Let your bubbly spirit shine with these lovin’ lavender pants. Be sure to check out iHeartRaves Booty Shorts & Bottoms section for more leggings and pants options. 


 Written by Brianna Graf - Brianna goes by Bri or Brianna and is a contributor to OneEDM! She started going to concerts back in 2010 and EDM has been a spectacular part of her life ever since. It's a passion of hers to re-illustrate the excitement, beauty, and love the electronic dance community has to offer. Read more of her work on! 

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