Excision Evolution Set
Kellie Burch | February 09, 2020

4 Reasons Not to Miss Out on Excision's Evolution Tour

Excisions' first stop of his Evolution Tour was at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA over January 31st- February 1st, and the inauguration of his Evolution Set did not disappoint. If you have seen his Paradox set and were amazed, his Evolution set was even more phenomenal! Here are four reasons why you don’t want to miss to miss out on this tour.  Continue Reading
Balloons Dropping at Resolution Festival
Photo Credit: Parallax
Kellie Burch | December 10, 2019

Resolution 2019: 5 Tips to Have the Night of Your Life

2019 is quickly coming to an end, and there is no better way to welcome 2020 than listening to amazing music with your best friends! Resolution Festival, held in Seattle, Washington, is the place to be on New Year’s Eve. Having gone to Resolution for the last three years, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that will help you have the best time welcoming the new year! Continue Reading
Contact Festival 2019
Kellie Burch | November 10, 2019

Contact Festival Lineup 2019

If you’re wanting to listen to some amazing music and find an extra way to celebrate before New Years, Contact is the place to be this year. Since the festival is almost a month away, here are some things you should know about Contact if you are thinking about attending this year. Continue Reading
Escape Mainstage
Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Escape Psycho Circus
Kellie Burch | November 06, 2019

Escape 2019: The 5 Best Things About This Year's Event

This year, my friends and I decided to venture down from Washington and try out Escape: Psycho Circus for the first time. This was my first Insomniac Events massive in SoCal, so it was a lot of fun being able to try a new massive for Halloween. I have been to other Halloween massives and shows but I definitely feel like Escape blew those out of the water, especially since this was the largest Halloween massive I have been to. Here are five things that made Escape an amazing experience this year.  Continue Reading
Lost Lands: Recapping the Best Weekend of the Year
Kellie Burch | October 13, 2019

Lost Lands: Recapping the Best Weekend of the Year

I usually don’t consider myself a headbanger, but Lost Lands was one of the best festival experiences I’ve ever had! Not only was the music and production phenomenal (the main stage, Preheistoric Paradox is the biggest stage I’ve ever seen!), but the dinosaurs and the vibes from other attendees really made the whole experience unforgettable. Read about my awesome experience at Lost Lands! Continue Reading
What to Wear to Lost Lands
Kellie Burch | August 22, 2019

Lost Lands Outfit Inspiration

One of my favorite aspects of raves is being able to dress up and at Lost Lands, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you want to dress up in something Dinosaur-themed or be a sexy bass babe, this festival offers hundreds of options for how to style. Need some inspiration for the perfect outfit? iHeartRaves has got you covered.  Continue Reading
How to Make a Unicorn Perler
Kellie Burch | August 02, 2019

Unicorn Perler: DIY

Making kandi has always been special for me, and when I introduce new friends to raving, I always try to teach them about making kandi and trading it with other people. For those of you who aren’t familiar with kandi: kandi are bead bracelets and necklaces that ravers trade at shows and festivals. There are many types of kandi, and here are step-by-step instruction on how to make a perler necklace to take to your next rave! Continue Reading
Paradiso Outfit Recap 2019
Photo Credit: Parallax
Kellie Burch | June 30, 2019

Paradiso Outfit Recap 2019

Paradiso Festival was held at the Gorge Amphitheater on June 14th-15th and festival attendees are still talking about how beautiful the festival was. One aspect of that beauty was everybody's stylish outfits! I saw so many people wearing beautiful outfits from iHeartRaves. Here is a recap of some iHeartRaves outfits for those who might be looking for outfit inspiration for Paradiso next year. Continue Reading
Paradiso Gorge at sunset
Photo Credit: Parallax/USC Events
Kellie Burch | May 30, 2019

Paradiso Packing Checklist

It’s finally June, which means Paradiso is only a couple of weeks away. This festival is primarily a camping festival, so most of the attendees will be camping in the area. From experience, I know camping festivals can be hard to pack for, especially if you are coming from out of state and might not know what to expect with the weather. Need to start getting supplies together? This Paradiso packing list will have you ready for the weekend!  

Continue Reading
Neon Outfits
Kellie Burch | May 14, 2019

Neon Outfits for Festival Season

There’s so much room to experiment with colors when it comes to neon outfits, and it leaves a lot of room for self-expression when you’re choosing your outfits for music festivals. Not sure how to style neon outfits and looking for some inspiration? Look no further! Here are some ideas on how to style neon outfits from iHeartRaves that will be turning heads at your next music festival!

Continue Reading