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Rave fashion has evolved over the years from phat pants to tutus to decorated bras, and now chic flattering pieces. It’s almost comical to go through my old personal rave photos just to see how I used to dress at events. Rave fashion is whatever you make it and allows you to express yourself however you want. 

Wanting to appreciate ravers who are flashy, confident, and passionate about rave fashion, Jesus (aka @asotdrop) and Jose (aka @PlurRabbit), created @EDMFashionistas to show appreciation for the rave community and to give fashion inspiration.


raver in full custom green festival outfit

Jesus’ first rave was at an underground event in Miami 2009, but his first major music festival at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando in 2012. Out of the countless festivals and events he has attended, his favorite was Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas in 2014.

“It was the first event with my West Coast friends that I met through social media,” Jesus reminisces. “With my Miami rave family that flew with me and my West Coast friends, we were all like a family.”

So, how did rave fashion come around for Jesus? His first rave outfits consisted of neon shorts and tank tops accessorized with spirit hoods and tights. Throughout his years of raving, he was later inspired by the club kids and how much they stood out. “I kind of like to look back at them and I incorporate some of the stuff I saw in them like boots, fur, and makeup,” explains Jesus.

He also looks to characters for outfit inspiration. “Sometimes [I get] a little on the scary side, like my fashionable Penny Wise costume for one of my favorite events, Escape [from Wonderland].” 

raver wearing a spooky joker outfit

EDM Fashionistas features many styles, varying from bodysuits to custom-made costumes. Every week, they share some of their favorite items to inspire other ravers to explore their options for rave attire and accessories.

Some of Jesus’ main fashion accessories that he absolutely has to have at every event? Platforms, LEDs, glitter on his face (Lunautics got him hooked onto glitter) and claws/nails inspired by the countess in American Horror Story played by Lady Gaga! "I can’t emphasize on the glitter enough! I almost feel like it is a requirement to have at least a little glitter to add life to your outfit." He says.

EDM Fashionistas even links the stores where the items came from so their viewers are never wondering, “Where the hell can I buy this?!” For buying rave attire, Jesus recommends iHeartRaves, Dolls Kill, Rolita Couture, Jackalopeland, TribeVibezDesigns, and Kraewear. With all of the options out there, there is bound to be something for any raver wanting to up their game in rave fashion!

raver in iridescent LED festival outfit

Jesus’ advice to ravers wanting to expand their rave fashion game, “Think of things you like to inspire your outfit/costume. Check out Pinterest or Etsy and you’ll find many things that can inspire you. Sometimes coming up with an outfit takes time so little by little look more into your character and add things that you believe will look good! There are also so many people at festivals that look so amazing, you can always use ideas from others that inspire you and create your own look.”

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