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If you have ever seen someone dressed from head to toe in an outfit crafted entirely from perfectly one matching color, you know how striking a monochromatic look can be.

Monochrome means having one color while still including different tones and hues within that color. A black and white picture is the perfect example of a monochromatic image where black is the color of choice and the lighter grey tones are simply a lighter version of the black.

How to Create a Monochromatic Look

To create a monochromatic look, you must pick one color and stick with it when planning the rest of your outfit. The shades of the color can vary, but the color remains the same across the look. This is the perfect time to play with the silhouette, materials and tone of each piece to create one interesting and cohesive look.

Besides your outfit, pick shoes and accessories in the same color wheel. Get braid in hair, a wig or hair clips to finish off that matchy matchy from head to toe. And don’t forget about the makeup!

A monochromatic look is a perfect time to pop out those vibrant eyeshadows, a colored mascara or that fun lipstick you have been dying to try out. For a more dramatic monochromatic look, keep the color and the shade the same in every part of your outfit.

The easiest way to ensure your pieces match is to buy clothing pieces that come from the same fashion drop or are sold as a set. Pick a color that is more commonly used in the fashion industry such as primary colors and certain pastels or neons. And for this style of monochromatic look, make sure you steer away from pieces with large pattern designs on them.

Stick with pieces with your color choice as the primary color with little to no patterns. To avoid your pieces blending all together, make sure you switch up the textures and materials of overlapping pieces. If your set is made out of a solid spandex material, try pairing it with other types of fabric such as fishnet stockings, a pvc harness, a crochet clutch or a fur-trimmed mesh robe.

Easiest Colors to Try Out the Monochromatic Trend.


Black on black on black. Black is the easiest color to create a monochromatic look with, and odds are you probably already have once (or twice or thrice). White. Because who DOESN’T already own a pair of white shoes.

Laser Cut Outfit

Stardust Outfit

Cyber Angel Outfit


Hot pink and baby pink are two shades of pink that are readily available and accessible in various outfits, jewelry, and hair accessories.

The Sparkle Is Real Outfit

Showgirl Sparkle Outfit

Rave Cowgirl Outfit


Particularly, lilac is a really popular shade within the rave fashion industry.

Radiant Ravebot Outfit

Lost In Thought Outfit

So Sagittarius Outfit


Besides neon pink, green is the second most popular color in neon clothing.

Jungle Babe Outfit

Uh-Huh Honey Outfit

Electric Empire Outfit


Honestly, red is the most difficult color on this list to find in rave fashion, but if you are interested in doing a monochromatic red look, keep your eye out for pieces that pop up around Halloween intended for a devilish look.

Defy The Dragon Outfit

Locked & Loaded Outfit

Red Hot Venus Outfit

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