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However cliché you think it may or may not be, New Years resolutions have been around for 4,000+ years and experts say they are as relevant and beneficial today as they were upon first usage. As 2018 is slowly nearing, people are taking the time this holiday season to reflect introspectively and put goals into place for the New Year.

Whether it be quitting a bad habit or adapting to new lifestyle changes, this is the time where self evaluation is at an all time high and I am here to help provide you with useful suggestions & tips on how to be your best damn self.

  • Be Realistic
  • Keep this in mind while you go through my blog post (or any others for that matter). It is very important that you set realistic goals for yourself that are doable in regards to your lifestyle/schedule. I often see people burning out too early on because they tried to tackle too much all at once. Remember, slow & steady wins the race! Also, try to pick 2-3 goals that are meaningful to you. The biggest mistake you can make going into 2018 is doing what society tells you to do.  

    Exercise More:

    Looking to achieve your ideal festival bod? Remember, “There is no try, only do!”

    Set an ideal workout schedule and commit to a reasonable amount of time to get started. Consider downloading an app on your phone with push notifications to remind you it’s time to get your workout on. Or, use the old-fashioned buddy sytem to hold yourself accountable.

    Eat Healthier:

    I know you're probably thinking "wow, a novel idea!" However, i'm not here to tell you that you need to revamp your entire diet or completely cut things out.We're trying to be realistic here, right? Remember, moderation and meal prepping are key! Don’t try to overdo it, either. Simple ingredients can still be delicious and healthy. Remember, these same tips apply when traveling to festivals! You won’t regret stocking up a cooler full of healthy, yet simple snacks like apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, protein bars, etc. Snacks like this go a lot further than filling up on empty calories like chips, to help keep you fueled to dance all night long.

    Take Care of Your Mind & Soul:

    If you’re anything like me, post festival depression (PFD) can hit pretty hard, which usually tends to happen when there’s festival drought in early Jan/Feb. Going for a walk to reconnect with nature, morning meditation, or unplugging from technology for a little while have been said to improve your mental health and most certainly are remedies for PFD.

    Try New Things:

    Find a new hobby (if you’re looking for something rave-related, check out our light-up toys here), read new books, be open to trying new foods, travel to a new place (or festival!) or simply head to a new stage you’ve never been to. There is no shortage of experiences waiting for you to try out. You never know, it could open a lot of doors for you!

    Rave Smarter:

    Not saying you’re not already being smart but there is always room for improvement when it comes to raving, both for yourself and others. Do your best to look out for other ravers in need, whether it be making sure everyone has had enough water or giving someone toilet paper when there is none left (seriously, it saves lives). We are a close community and need to collectively to ensure safe and happy raving.

    Give Back To the Community/EDM Community:

    Keep the spirit of PLUR alive and do something this year to give back and support either your community, world, or other people. It goes without saying that offering to volunteer at a festival, support festivals local artists & vendors, and becoming more involved in general would benefit our entire community of ravers! Try checking out some great organizations like Conscious Crew, Ground Kontrol or PLUR Sisters for starters.

    Spread Good Vibes

    Although last on the list, this is indubitably the most important resolution you can do for yourself and others. Spend more time with the people you love, strike up a conversation with someone new, be honest every single day (with yourself and others), and be kind. Life isn’t always easy but spreading good vibes is contagious and as ravers, it’s our responsibility to do just that.


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