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What to Get Your Rave Fam for the Holidays
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves Unicorns

What to Get Your Rave Fam for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to get for each member of your rave family. We’ve compiled a list of items that any raver would be thrilled to add to their collection of rave gear. Make sure to get your orders in soon so they arrive in time for the festivities!

The Rave Mom

Your rave mom looks after the crew. Her mission is to care for each member of the family. She keeps everyone safe and makes sure you’re always having a good time. So naturally you’re going to want to treat her like a queen this Christmas, for all the times she had your back.

She’s probably got a rave kit that’s more decked out than you could possibly imagine. So instead of rave gear, we recommend curating anoutfit for her next rave or getting her a stylishaccessory she can throw on to complete her looks. Not only will she feel like a rave goddess but every time she wears these pieces she’ll think of you! Check out ourlatest arrivals for the hottest rave trends and this season’s must-own ‘fits.

If you’re not sure which styles to buy for your rave mom, get her agift card

The Rave Couple

We all know that one couple that fell in love at a music festival. Gift them with matching jerseys or memorabilia from their favorite DJ/artist. Check out the artist’s official merchandise or head over toUniversity Customs for something customized.

To make it even more sentimental, find out what track was playing when they met or one that means a lot to them, and get it printed on acustom Spotify code keychain. They’ll be able to scan it wherever they go and relive special rave memories they’ve shared together every time they hit play.

The Rager

This is the person that never wants the music to end, they’re always running to the next set or already making plans for the after party when they’re still at the rave. This guy needs a lightweight and waterproof Bluetooth speaker to carry on all their rave adventures. They’ll be able to keep the party going even after the festival is over! If you’re on a budget we recommend theHadisala H3 Portable Wireless Speaker, but if you’re ballin’ treat your buddy to theUltimate Ears Boom 3

The Entertainer

They’re the ones that love to play around with light toys and put on a show for your whole rave family. This year’s must-haves are theELite Flow Levitation Wand and theSpectra Evolution Glove Set. They both offer different modes and color settings, plenty to inspire your friend to get creative and get their flow on.

Check out ourfull line of light toys and accessories to find one that’s right for your flow friend.

The Rave Baby

Rave babies are the easiest to shop for, because they’re so new to the scene they don’t have all the rave gear the more experienced ravers have already. Here are some suggestions on essentials you can get for them:

The Wanderer

This one is always wandering off away from your rave crew. They’re constantly disappearing and then magically reappearing hours later. No one likes to feel anxious when their friend keeps losing the group, especially when dealing with lagging texts! TheFestiie Smartband is the perfect solution for all wandering ravers! It’s fitted with a GPS and it'll show you exactly where your rave buddy is at all times through its app.

We hope this gift guide gave you some ideas on what to give to each member of your rave fam. What gifts are you planning on giving this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!

Charlotte Houareau is a blogger at iHeartRaves and a true music festival addict who runs her own festival blog at She's your go-to for music festival tips, rave fashion recommendations and makeup looks! You can follow her festival adventures @thenittygrittyguide

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