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Resolutions, midnight kisses and saying goodbye to the past are all a part of the evening, but we also want to know our friends and family are out there safe as can be! So we thought we’d deliver some of our tips and tricks to staying safe while celebrating all the good that lies ahead for the upcoming year!

Work Hard, Plan Hard!

If you plan on going out on the town for the evening, first things first! Make sure to have a safe and reliable way back home! (Or wherever you’re sleeping/staying!) Plenty of ride applications or designated drivers are more than happy to assist in making sure you return home safely!

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Buddy Up, Buttercup!

Whether you’re headed home in an Uber/Lyft or heading off to your next destination, always have someone by your side! If you tend to be more of the lone wolf type, sharing your location with a trusted person or doing check-ins throughout the night can help keep yourself secure! No, we’re not your parents, and you don’t have a curfew. Just let someone know where/when to expect you so we can keep you safe, okay!?

Slow n’ Steady and Be Ready

For any extracurricular activities you may be partaking in, make sure to pace, pace, pace! We want to make sure we all make it to midnight having a good time. So, be sure to be extra aware of your limits and don’t go pushing them! Also- keep an eye on your surroundings and drink in hand! Asking a friend to keep a hold of it while taking a bathroom break or using one of those fancy contraptions to cover your drink is also an excellent choice!

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Know Before You Go

Not only do you want to be able to keep yourself safe, but we want to make sure those around us are too! Keeping that (P)eace (L)ove (U)nity (R)espect and (R)esponsibility alive, baby! Remember to inform yourself on the signs of someone acting out of the ordinary or seeming like they might need help! Remember, if you see something, say/do something! Resources on are awesome for this type of info too!

All The Small Things

True care, truth brings! Anyway- what we mean by the small things is: Making sure your phone is fully charged, placing your ID/money in a safe place like a fanny pack or something that will be on you at all times and if it’ll help you feel more protected- remembering to pack your extra self defense tools right along with you!

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Whether you’re attending a show, hitting downtown or turning it up (or down) at home, we just want to keep our friends and family protected! And of course… Last but not least, have the best night and the happiest new year! Stay safe, bb’s!

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