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Lollapalooza Outfit Inspiration
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Lollapalooza Outfit Inspiration

Lollapalooza is right around the corner & you’re still trying to figure out what to wear? You’re definitely not the only one and you’re definitely in luck! We took a second to sift through our rave closet and your fellow raver's closets to bring you a few of our fav looks you can wear to Lolla this year.

Although Lollapalooza is not what you would consider a rave (it’s a multi-genre music festival that ends at 10pm each night) – there’s no reason why you can’t get a little rave-y, especially when you have acts like Kaskade, John Summit, Zhu, Habstrakt, Chris Lorenzo, Duke Dumont & Liquid Stranger set to play throughout the weekend!

Then again, since it’s a multi-genre festival, you can honestly get away with anything; you can get a little grungy for Metallica, MGK & Green Day or dress for the trends with corset tops, chains and add your own touch to it with whatever shoes & accessories speak to your personal vibe, or the vibe of the festival.

The great thing about rave fashion is that you can mix and match styles and vibes according to what you’re feeling. The only thing about Lollapalooza to consider is the weather - typically Chicago this time of year is pretty hot & humid, with the occasional rain or it gets dry and dusty.

Here are some of our fav looks that can tie most of the elements together:

Bold Baddie

There’s no way you won’t feel like a complete baddie in all of these outfits, but these to me play really well into a grungier, bolder look if that’s what you’re going for! Any of these would pair perfectly with black docs or shoes, chains & sunglasses - all of which you can find on our accessories page!

Ready, Aim, Fire Outfit

Bad B Outfit

Bass Head Baddie Outfit

Ride The Wave Outfit

Floral Queen

Summertime is definitely the perfect time (other than spring) to rock floral prints. You just can’t  go wrong in any type of setting, whether a rave or a festival, with any of these cute fits. If you are wanting to combine the vibes, check out our “Lil Midnight Warrior Outfit,” where bold meets floral!

Flower Fairy Outfit

Daisy Deluxe Outfit

Lil Midnight Warrior Outfit

Boho Beauty Outfit

Sweet Skirts

These sets are some of my favorite and basically all I want to wear to a festival this summer, so maybe i’m a little biased, but these are fun prints that you can mix and match with other tops or bottoms to give it more of a Lolla.

For example, I might also bring or wearthis top with the Liquid Emotions Outfit in case it gets hot but still bring the whole outfit in case it gets cooler at night.

Liquid Emotions Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

Trippy Touch Outfit

Vivacious Voyager Outfit

Classic Black

You can't go wrong with an all-black look or a black staple piece. You can either wear these outfits to Lollapalooza or you can take inspiration and use pieces from them to create a look of your own that fits the vibe!

Obsidian Outfit

Enchanting Charmer Outfit

Leave U Breathless Outfit

We're so excited to see the looks you come up with this year! Don’t forget to tag us @iheartraves for a chance to be featured!

Happy Lolla!

Amalia Reyes is a blogger at iHeartRaves.

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