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One of favorite places at Lightning in a Bottle is the Learning Kitchen, like literally I don’t know how all of their classes aren’t packed to the brim. People, they TEACH OUT ABOUT FOOD and usually end up FEEDING YOU in the process!!

Juniors Pickles teaching a class at LIB


Juniors Pickles at Lightning in a Bottle

This photos above are from one of my favorites last year presented by Juniors Pickles, and I’m super excited to see he is back again!

There’s always some fun drinking ones, but this is always a good place to go and escape the heat. There’s a full list of classes, so this is another experiential part of LiB that I suggest reading up on beforehand, so that you can add them to your app schedule.

My friends and I often read through all of the offerings in the LiB app on the drive in since we have a captive audience then. I like to do my own list beforehand, then read again together with everyone!

You can read more about each class on the LiB site, but here is also the full list, with which ones sound interesting to me!

  • Flavors of the Forest: Cooking with Wild Food
  • Tantalizing Turkish Taste Ritual
  • Mural: Adventures with Agua Fresca Cerveza
    • heck yes! This is one hosted by New Belgium Brewery and it’s always about their latest brew, and has refreshing samples!
  • Om Yum: Nourishing Body & Sould with Ayurveda
  • Superfood Detox for Boundless Energy & Brain Brilliance
  • 25 Tools of Self Love front h Kitchen
  • Sprouted Nut N.O.G.: Nectar of the Gods
    • (sorry we can all giggle at this title together)
  • Pickle Brine Benefits, Elixir and Mixers
    • yes, pickle me up Junior!! I sense pickle backs in my future!!!
  • Art of Fermentation: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Coconut Yogurt & Nut Cheese
    • I’ve been super into pickling things lately, so I’d like to check this one out!
  • Let’s Taco-Bout Taco Salad!
  • Tossed! A Salad Workshop
    • This sounds yummy
  • Healing & Heavenly Desserts
  • A Taste of Tantalizing Tonics
    • You had me at ‘taste’ – also their description says they’ll be making Gaucho’s Golden Horchata, Cucumber Aloe Refresher and Activated Charcoal Lemonade – which sounds super interesting
  • Eat Flower: Yummy Fast Food
    • this sounds so bizarre that I want to hear more; I remember being a Girl Scout and learning about flowers I could eat….
  • Perfect Weather: Tasting + Dance Party
  • Granola to Grits: Breakfast Cereal Wake up with GoodDeeds!
  • Heart Frequency Cacao
  • Sensuous Raw Chocolate Aphrodisiacs
  • Next Level Festival with a Plant-Based Keto Diet
  • Four-Course Foreplay
    • this sounds cool! it’s all about aphrodisiac foods!


Learning Kitchen Food Experiences at Lightning in a Bottle 2019

Since we’re on the topic of food, I think now is also a good time to mention all of the food vendors coming to Lightning in a Bottle. LiB has a mix of food experiences, including some sit down dining ones. If I get a press pass this year I want to purchase one of the sit down dining ones, it’s just too hard to afford both right now, so fingers crossed!

I’m always super impressed by the food at LiB so while I pack a lot to eat at camp, I splurge on one meal a day from a vendor to experience something delicious!

Here’s this year’s lineup, and if you want to read more about what each one makes, just check out the LiB site and click each name to read up!

  • 11th Hour Coffee
  • Al Forno Pizza
  • Amazebowls
  • Awesome Sauce Kitchen
  • Big Phan
  • Bite Bowls
  • Black Fin Sushi
  • Bliss Cafe
  • Blue Sun Cafe
  • California Cuisine
  • Chinese Laundry
  • Coalesce Juicery & Whole Foods Kitchen
  • Crepe Hearts
  • Dough Lab
  • Dump City Dumplings
  • Get Fried Rice
  • Govinda’s Veggie Bomb
  • Gypsy Eats
  • Hangry Moon’s
  • Javagogo
  • Joypop
  • Killa Dilla
  • Lydia’s Kind Foods
  • Notcho Fish Taco
  • Poutine Your Mouth
  • Ruru Kitchen
  • Sankofa
  • Senior Corn
  • Spiro’s Gyros
  • Stay Cheesy SD
  • Sunshine Organic Coffee Roasters
  • Tante’s
  • The Big Cheese
  • The Ice Shack
  • The Juicery
  • The Mac
  • The Middle Feast
  • Tru Bruew
  • Vida Vegan

See you at LiB!

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