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Last Minute Tips for Okeechobee Music Festival
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves

Last Minute Tips for Okeechobee Music Festival

Are you ready to Be Here Now? With Okeechobee Music Festival coming up quickly, here are some last minute tips to get you ready to enter the portal. If you’re feeling nervous before the fest, don’t worry. You’re not alone!Hereare some great tips for managing your festival anxiety.

Weather and Camping

Camping check-in begins at 9 a.m. Thursday, so make plans with your festy squad accordingly. Pack for all weather conditions. It could rain, it could be hot, it could be cold, or it could be dusty! While the weather as of now is looking warm in the daytime and chilly at night, be prepared for anything and everything. Nothing sucks more than getting caught in the rain if you’re unprepared. Click this link if you’re not surewhat to wear. I recommend picking up some rain proof tent spray and covering your tent in it to prevent leaks in case of rain.

Don’t forget plenty of cash to buy ice to keep your cooler foods fresh. Make sure to pack your reusable water bottle, which you can fill at many water stations across the grounds. Plus, bring a few towels if you plan to take showers at the event. Shower pods are in the campgrounds. You’ll need shower tokens, which you can purchase at the General Store.

Gifting and Activities

Interested in sharing some gifts with your Okeechobee fam? Here are some ideas for festival gifts that will put a smile on someone’s face!

Pack your yoga mat and activity-friendly outfits. Okee is known for a variety of fun workshops and events, including yoga sessions, mindfulness, massages, courses in environmentalism, sound healing, and sports like volleyball. Pack a pool float and inflatable pump if you’re interested in chilling in the water. Get ready to experience tons of art! Okee is a music and arts fest, after all. Bring your camera and don’t forget to pack sunglasses and sunscreen for daytime adventures.


Yes, totems are allowed! But, they must meet the festival’s guidelines. To read about totem guidelines and the prohibited item list, clickhere.

Medical Services

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the festival map to learn where medical services are located. Start hydrating and stretching now to prepare your body!Check out this article to learn about preventing muscle soreness at camping fests.

Look out for the Ground Control volunteer team, wearing bright purple shirts, who will be wandering around the event to make sure you’re staying happy and healthy. Look for a purple shirt Ground Control member if you need anything.

Leaving No Trace

Perhaps the most important tip - remember toleave no trace! Pack plenty of trash bags (think you have enough? Bring more) and keep an eye on your campsite and main walking paths. Keep Florida beautiful by picking up after yourself and others.

Have a beautiful time, Okee fam!

Rachel Honey Freeman is a journalist, editor, and social media strategist with a passion for telling compelling stories. She lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida - a cultural hub for art, music, and food. In her free time, she enjoys lounging at the beach in her hammock, camping, going to farmers markets, fire dancing, and of course - raving! Rachel's all-time favorite festival is Hulaween.

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