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How to Style Mesh Rave Clothing
Photo Credit: iHeartRaves

How to Style Mesh Rave Clothing

When scrolling on social media there's no denying that mesh clothing is most definitely fashionable right now. Celebrities and influencers all over have been adding mesh pieces to their wardrobe and we suggest you do as well.

Mesh is typically classified as a fabric with open spaces between the yarn which makes it sheer and opaque giving off a show but don’t tell vibe. This also allows for a cooler experience if you were somewhere in a warmer climate.

Back in April, we published an article titled‘EDC Outfit Inspiration’which was a compilation of different types of clothing items that we suggest you guys wear to EDC this year. In the article, mesh outfits and layering made the list at number 8 due to the fact that it is such a hot seller.

We also mentioned that mesh is the “little black dress” of the rave scene, meaning that everyone should have some sort of mesh clothing in their closet. You can easily mix and match mesh materials for bomb outfits.

If you're worried about how to style mesh rave clothing, read on for some tips on how to style each type of piece we have at iHeartRaves for some ideas for your next festival.


Mesh Oversized Tees

mesh top

Oversize tees are making a comeback, especially with the mesh material. Mesh oversized tees layered over a bra and pantie set will take any outfit from fine to flashy.

When wearing an oversized mesh t-shirt, you can also add belts to give yourself dimension and curves. Mesh shirts can come in different styles such as an opaque look from the Holo Star Oversized Mesh Tee (pictured above) on the iHeartRaves website or even the fishnet route with theStarstruck Reflective Oversized T-shirt.


Mesh Mini Skirts

mesh mini skirt

Skirts have always been popular at festivals since it is very easy to get overheated when raving especially in the summer months. Skirts allow you to have open motion of your legs and girls choose them over shorts which can be restricting.

Pictures of raving babes wearing their own mesh skirts flood the internet and we can’t get enough of it. Pairing a mesh skirt with a matching mesh top will let others know you mean business. 

Mesh skirts on theiHeartRaves website are hot sellers, only contributing to their popularity. There are different types of mesh skirts such as tighter fitting ones like theFlower Mami Mesh Mini Skirt (pictured above)or flowy mesh skirts like theStar Bright Open Front Mesh Mini Skirt. 

Mesh Bodysuit

fishnet body suit

Bodysuits have become a hot buy because you can add different layers over them or you can wear them as-is and add accessories.

Some bodysuits can be constricting due to the fabric they are made out of, however, mesh bodysuits allow your skin and body to breathe even though you are wearing a one-piece.

Mesh bodysuits are very fashionable and can come in different colors and styles. There are colorful short sleeved bodysuits like theMesh Thong Bodysuitor you can wear a long sleeve reflective bodysuit like theReflective Wave Mesh Bodysuit from our website.

No matter if you are stepping out into the town or raving all night at a festival, you will want to make sure you are wearing some sort of mesh clothing to stand out in the crowd.

Nadia Rodriguez
Nadia Rodriguez is a blogger at iHeartRaves.

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