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Reflective is one of our most popular styles at iHeartRaves, but we always get questions about how to photograph the fabric correctly. Reflective rave clothes are versatile and unique, and you can always find a way to style them to your own taste. We have tons of reflective styles to pick from, so whether you're a rave princess or a techno baddie, the odds are high that you can find a reflective style to fit ur taste. 

How to take photos of reflective clothes at raves:

Here's the secret: The best way to get photos of ur reflective fits is to use a light source that isn't attached to the camera. Have a friend use their phone flashlight to light up ur fit while someone else takes a photo on another camera. It helps if the person with the light source is angled a little bit away from the camera because when it's too close (or on the camera), it can sometimes light other things up, not the reflective fabric. 

Reflective clothes take photos the best at night because you can control the lighting the most. In the day, it might be kind of difficult to get the light at the right angle. 

Keep in mind that when u photograph reflective clothes, it might darken ur face a lot. If ur reflective rave clothes have a design on them, try taking a boomerang or live photo and turning it into a GIF! It's a cool way to get the full design of the fit while showing off its reflective shine. 

Reflective rave clothes we love: 

What a Rush Reflective Rainbow Chaps

Reflective Wave Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top

Middle of Nowhere Rainbow Reflective Speed Clasp Top

Delaying Tactic Reflective Fishnet Vest

False Alarm Fishnet Rainbow Reflective Crop Top

iHR Exclusive Dreamy Baby Reflective Sneakers

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