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How you want to spend the end of your year doesn’t have to be as dramatic as “crucial,” but, it also kind of is. As music-lovers, event-junkies, and festival-addicts, we’re all looking for that next fix from the most fire lineup that we feel there’s just no other option other than to “full send.” As we all know from prime time festival season in the summer months, sometimes tough decisions must be made. Lots of events overlap. While we wish we can do them all, we have to choose. So how do you choose, especially for an end-of-the-year celebration?!

Here's why you should join me for HiJinx at The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia!

The Lineup

The lineup made quite the splash on social media, with so many people losing their minds over how HiJinx has successfully included so many big named, major festival headlining artists into just 2 days of fun. And it’s true. With acts like Bassnectar, Excision, Slander, GRiZ, Porter Robinson, Skrillex and Zeds Dead, it’s next to impossible for your jaw not to hit the ground. But, here’s your “pinch me” moment, because, yes, it’s real and it’s happening!

Hijnix Lineup 2019

Must-See Sets

I think it’s safe to say, we can all agree this lineup is aboutely fire. While the 7 major name headliners are, in my personal opinion, all must-sees, I want to focus on the top 3 artists that aren’t headliners (yet!)


Big Wild


Big Wild is one of the most talented artists in this entire community. Seeing him live is a full on adventure. Not only does he produce songs and mix at shows, he plays instruments and sings, too. It’s seriously beautiful to witness. For a fun, vibey set, with a lot to entertain you in different ways, you most definitely don’t want to miss Big Wild. 



The first time I saw Subtronics was just this summer at Spring Awakening and I was completely blown away. After that set, I saw him about 4 more times this summer and his sets only get better and better. It’s so obvious how much he puts into each set to make every one stand out in their own way. If you’re looking for a wubby, dirty, dubstep set, this is for sure for you. Aside from this banger with Rusko, one of the most popular songs of 2019 is his song with GRiZ, “Griztronics.” I highly recommend it!


I was recently introduced to SoDowns music by a friend and I’ve been trying to catch a set by him ever since! I’ll finally get to make that happen soon. If you’re looking for new music (who isn’t?!)  and haven’t heard of him yet, here’s your sign to do just that. Another song to make you feel like the true Queen/King you are, check out “Jet Black” and go from there!


NEW Production and Sound

Convinced Yet? If for some reason the lineup hasn’t forced you into a full send, check out what's new for 2019! According to, “the salt of the half sends may remain, but the hearts, minds and souls of full senders will melt again with even more lights, lasers, video, monsters and a brand new custom sound system.”


Payment Plans

Tickets are on sale now! If you're worried about coming up with the cash for Hijinx, no worries. HiJinx offers payment plans to alleviate one major purchase hit at once. They offer 2 day GA and VIP tickets, but do NOT offer single-day tickets. No half-senders allowed, sorry!


After Parties

After parties aren’t announced quite yet, but I can only imagine how great they’re going to be! The party can’t stop, right? Keep your eyes peeled for those announcements! 


You can definitely find me at HiJinx this New Year's Eve! The lineup is mindblowing, my friends I want to spend that weekend with all decided that’s where they’ll be, and living in Pittsburgh makes sending it to Philly pretty easy and convenient! I hope to see you there!

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