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Not sure what to wear this festival season? iHeartRaves has you covered with the latest trends and styles to help you find your own creative festival look. With several affordable options for both men and women, iHeartRaves brand can elevate your festival experience by giving you the tools to highlight that beautiful wonderful you. So prepare yourself for every festival occasion this summer and check out our guide to the latest trends iHeartRaves has to offer.

Glitter Creations & Face Jewels
An inexpensive way to look amazing for this festival season is by incorporating incredible amounts of glitter into your outfit. Men fill their beards with bright colors to offset their tanks or trippy clothing. Women cover their hair, face, chest and more. It does a fantastic job of helping you stand out by capturing the stage light and accentuating your best features. Glitter comes in many shapes and forms and iHeartRaves has an extensive collection of brands to help you find the right color and shape. Remember if you buy loose glitter, it may help to buy some eyelash glue to help the glitter set for hours of fun. Some festival-goers use homemade options like vaseline, petroleum jelly, or aloe vera to help the glitter stick. After a few days of camping, the hair can be dull and frizzy. Be creative and douse your hair with loose chunky glitter to give your hair a shine and hide those fraying strands. Glitter is a must-have essential for any festival attendee but beware, it can get everywhere!

There are tons of types of Glitter Options Available on iHeartRaves, such as:
  • Iridescent Loose Glitter
  • Chunky Loose Glitter
  • Glitter Sunscreen
  • Unicorn Snot (like glitter lotion)
  • Glitter Glue
  • Glitter Nail Polish
  • Pasties with Glitter

Take your outfit a step further by incorporating face jewels as well. These usually come in pre-arranged packages that show where to place the jewels on your face. They are extremely easy to apply and they stay for hours while sweating it out on the dance floor. Highlight your beautiful face with these festival attire essentials.

Light Up Your Life with Glow and Light-Up Gear
As everyone arrives for the night’s festivities, make sure you stand out with the latest light-up and glow items offered by iHeartRaves. They offer a variety of options including UV reactive, glow in the dark, and light-up gear. From accessories and outfits down to glitter, these radical glowing effects can elevate your festival attire as the sun falls and night sets in.

light up rave clothes for men and women

iHeartRaves offers a variety of options for glow accessories including pasties with both glow and UV reactive effect, glow whips, and LED goggles. For more inspiration, search “glow”, “UV”, or “Light-Up” on

glow in the dark and light up rave accessories

Summer Livin’ Tanks and Tees
One of the easiest ways to connect with people during a festival is by wearing clothing that shows off your personality and interests. iHeartRaves offers tanks and tees for men with a variety of vibrant prints including fractal patterns, animals, quotes, galaxy, and tie-dye designs. Some of shirts and shorts can have features like ultra-soft breathable fabric, glow in the dark, and UV reflective, so that you can feel comfortable while wandering the festival grounds.

mens tank tops shorts for raves music festivals

Wild and Free Boho Look
Looking for a style that is laid back, free-spirited, and leaves them wondering? iHeartRaves has a ton of unique clothing choices for that flower child look including bodysuits, crop tops, skirts, and utility belts. Mix and match to create a uniquely tailored outfit in different colors and styles. Instead of a fanny pack, tie that perfect outfit together with a utility belt with pockets that can hold your belongings. Leaving your hands free to enjoy the festival. To see more options of this style on iHeartRaves, search “Bohemian”.

boho outfit ideas inspiration raves music festivals

Reflective & Holographic Gear
In a community where everyone is looking to have a unique edge, a really neat new trend is emerging to catch people’s attention. Holographic fabrics and reflective gear are a great way to stand out while wandering the festival grounds. The fabrics are offers in a variety of clothing styles like tops, pants, bodysuits, and shoes. The reflective material is fairly new to the festival community and offers a unique way to dazzle during the night’s celebrations. The material reflects a bright pigment when struck with light and is one of most noticeable outfits on the dancefloor. To find these items on iHeartRaves search “holographic” or “reflective”.

holographic and reflective rave outfits music festival fashion

Bodysuits Vs. Two Piece Sets
One of the hottest outfit styles in EDM fashion right now for women has to be the bodysuits and two-piece set. Its simple but offers a ton of room for creativity. It’s a great idea for that person more inclined to throw something together but still wants a look that gives them an unique edge. Bodysuits can come in varying colors and styles with plus sizes available. iHeartRaves does an amazing job of catering to everyone’s personalities by offering several options to nail that perfect look. They even tackle the question “Does this match?” by selling pre-made outfit sets with the top and bottoms together. Check out all the styles iHeartRaves offers by searching “Bodysuits” or “Sets”.

Bodysuits and Two Piece rave outfits

Themed Outfits
Is your festival crew looking for the perfect outfit for the festival season? Look no further, iHeartRaves has a ton of trends and styles in matching colors to help you and your squad stand out while still allowing each one of you to personalize your outfit. Get inspired with a general theme like galaxy, alien, all black, or rainbow and check out all of the available options on Get your entire squad involved with styles in both men and women. For more ideas on what iHeartRave has to offer, take a look at iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew on Instagram.

themed rave outfits for groups at music festivals

 Written by Brianna Graf - Brianna goes by Bri or Brianna and is a contributor to OneEDM! She started going to concerts back in 2010 and EDM has been a spectacular part of her life ever since. It's a passion of hers to re-illustrate the excitement, beauty, and love the electronic dance community has to offer. 

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