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Bold makeup completes any rave look—and for EDC, it’s time to go all out! The energy under the electric sky is unlike any other, and whether you like an intense graphic liner or shimmering glitter, there's a makeup look that will be perfect for you. With EDC approaching quickly, it’s time to get inspired with these 10 makeup ideas.

Graphic Liner

Nothing makes a statement quite like graphic eyeliner. Whether you go for black, white, or colored liner, you can accentuate your eyes by drawing geometric lines, dual wings, or unique shapes. Look for a colored, waterproof, liquid eyeliner to create this look and use the natural shape of your eye as a guide for where to place the lines.

Stick-on Gems

face jewels

It’s EDC, so it’s time to pull out all the stops! Stick-on gems add all the bling to your rave look. There are single press-on rhinestones or packs of jewels you can apply above your eyebrows or below your eyes. Some are even reusable and can be applied with eyelash glue if the stick starts to fade!

Temporary Tattoos

Be a show-stopper by applying temporary tats to your face! You can use them on your cheekbones, next to your eyes, or above your brows. You can also pair them with face jewels to put them around your body as seen above.

Colorful Inner Corners

This is my personal go-to rave look. I do my classic black eyeliner wing with no shadow on my lid - but then I add a pop of neon color to the inner corner of my eyes. I especially love doing this with shimmery, holographic eye shadow. It brightens and draws attention to the eyes.

Rainbow colors

Go with the full rainbow spectrum this EDC! You can apply ROYGBIV to each eyelid - or, do red, orange, and yellow on one lid, and green, blue, and purple on the other lid for a look that spans your whole face

Bright brows

Filling in your brows is a common step for applying makeup, but have you ever tried a vivid, colorful brow? You can use eye shadow or even a colored liner to fill them in with a color of your choice, letting your brows take the center stage of your look!


If you’re doing a single colored outfit, like an all pink or an all neon green look, stick with that monochrome color for your makeup. It will tie your whole look together. Adding some stick-on rhinestones that match your color will put the cherry on top.

Holographic Highlighter

I’m obsessed with holographic, shimmery, color-shifting makeup! Adding some holographic color to your cheekbones will keep you looking like a shimmery fairy all night long.

Bold Patterns

Have you ever tried to paint on cow spots, plaid lines, or fluffy clouds to your eyelids? EDC could be the opportunity you’re waiting for! Depending on your outfit, match a bold pattern and apply it to your eyes.

Hot or Cold

Would you go with red, orange, yellow, or green, blue, purple? Pick a side - warm or cool - and use that for your makeup inspiration. You can use colored liners, shimmery eye shadows, and vivid lipstick to make this hot or cold look come to life. Bonus points: your best friend can be the hot to your cold, or vice versa!

No matter which makeup idea you go for, be sure to apply setting spray before heading to EDC to lock in your makeup for a long night of dancing! It’s smart to bring eyelash glue or lipstick with you in case of an emergency re-apply. The hardest part, for me at least, is not touching my face once my makeup is on! If applied correctly and set in place with setting spray, it’s best not to mess with it. But, I would recommend sticking a few cotton swabs in your bag, just in case you need to touch up the area under your eyes. We’ll all be crying during our favorite sets, but we’ve got to keep our makeup looking fire. Remember to stay hydrated and have an amazing time under the electric sky!

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