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Rave Trend Guide: Butterfly Print

Rave Trend Guide: Butterfly Print

Trend alert! The butterflies are out to play this summer. There are so many ways to style this adorable trend, but don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of inspo for you. Whether you’re looking for a super girly fit, something a little more edgy, or just the finishing touch to a look, we’ve got you covered.

All About Butterflies

If you really want to lean into this trend, butterflies can make a great centerpiece for your outfit. You can pick one major butterfly piece, like theSparkle From Within Butterfly Sequin Top, and build a spectacular fit around it. Add accessories and float through the fest like a beautiful butterfly. You could even transform yourself withMetamorphosis Butterfly Wings!

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

Get Groovy

Stand out in bright colors, flowy fabrics and big prints. There are some fabulous butterfly-themed sets out there to help you feel like the ultimate PLUR Princess. Check out theGroovy Butterfly Glam Outfit if you want to completely cover yourself in butterflies and get groovy on the dance floor.

Purple Luxe Outfit Bundle

Groovy Butterfly Outfit


If you have an outfit that needs some help, accessorize with butterflies! They make for a super cute and dainty addition to any look. Try hair clips, pasties, jewelry or sunglasses. If you want to make the trend a little more edgy, go for thisButterfly Kisses Body Chain. No matter the vibe you’re giving off, butterfly accessories can make a great accent piece!

Sweet Sugar Rush Outfit

Make It Shine

You can still rock this trend without covering yourself head to toe in butterflies. TheseLunatics X iHeartRaves Butterfly Beatz Body Jewels could be just what you need to complete your look and dazzle the crowd. You can also use butterflyface gems orglitter to add some shine to your style. It doesn’t matter if your outfit is already butterfly themed or not, a little sparkle could be the perfect finishing touch.

Feeling Dreamy

Embrace your feminine side with pastel colors, sparkles and all things girly. You can build a truly enchanting look with these styles. A pastel mesh top would look gorgeous with thePastease Holo Silver Butterflies. A sparkly set with butterfly accessories could also create a girly outfit that’s sure to make you feel great about yourself!

Perfect Patterns

Butterfly patterns are probably the easiest way to achieve a butterfly-centered outfit. Depending on the colors and design, you can pair a butterfly pattern with a ton of different pieces. If you’re going for a darker style, check out theBB Ur So Fly Halter One Piece. Do you want a softer look? Try thisTreasure The Funk Butterfly Mini Skirt.

Butterflies have been taking over rave fashion, so you’ll probably see a lot of them this summer. Now you have some ideas of different ways to style this trend. You can make it totally your own, going with a more edgy, dreamy, groovy, or completely unique look! Have fun building your butterfly-inspired fits, we can’t wait to see them this festival season!

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