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Bass shows are back, baby! There's nothing quite like raging at a bass show, with the bass so heavy it rattles your chest and with everyone's vibes all in the same place. Bass shows are ... something else. They're a place where you can be yourself and rage with thousands of people that are all ready to be your best friend. iHeartRaves just dropped the cutest collection of pieces for bass shows, and I can't wait to wear them to my next festival. If you're curious about what to wear to a bass show, read on for advice from seasoned ravers that have been raging at bass shows for years.

All About Comfort

bass music

Bass shows are a workout, and with all of the raging and headbanging you're going to be doing you want to make sure you're dressed for comfort just as much as you're dressed for style. The good news is that the all new bass collection from iHeartRaves is made for both, so that you can look your best and feel comfortable all night. I love this Break the Matrix top and booty short set because it's flexible and comfortable for longer wear, and it has a cute pattern that goes with the psychedelic vibe you'll find at bass shows. The set also has arm warmers for extra flare, which helps for those late nights when it gets a little bit chilly.

corset top

This crop top from the bass collection also has some extra hold if you're worried about support, so you can rave knowing that you'll be comfortable in your top all night long. You could also add this corset top to any bikini top look for some extra support and a unique style.


To keep your look more basic but still make a statement, think about adding textures and accessories like these off the chain booty shorts with chain features. Chain is very in right now because it's a throwback to the styles we saw in the rave scene wayyyy back in the day, so this homage to a classic rave look will never be out of style—especially at the bass show.

Trippy Prints

Bass shows are all about psychedelic prints and art. You'll find tons of people wearing their favorite psychedelic prints on their clothes or hanging tapestries at camping festivals like Shambala to represent their connection to spirituality. Trippy prints like liquid tripp are bass show classics that I love to see every festival season.

Trippy Accessories

biohazard necklace

No matter the rave outfit, it's all about the accessories. Accessories are what are going to bring your look from eye catching to show stopping, and the new bass collection from iHeartRaves has a bunch of accessories just for bass shows that go with the trippy vibe. I love this biohazard choker and the matching earrings, and you can't forget about these dinosaur earrings for shows like Deadbeats, Excision, or even Lost Lands!

Ready to go hard? Be sure to shop the bass collection from iHeartRaves before your next festival!


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