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5 Artists Not to Miss at Lost Lands
Photo Credit: Lost Lands & Rukes

5 Artists Not to Miss at Lost Lands

LOST LANDS IS LESS THAN 85 DAYS AWAY. I REPEAT! LESS THAN 85. Now 85 seems like a big number but we are almost done with June then that means September is right around the corner! I haven’t really prepared myself for round two yet besides drooling over the lineup and imagining who is going to go b2b. That being said I have put together a list of a few artists I suggest that everyone needs to catch up on and add to their set watching list (in addition to Excision, obviously). You won’t regret it! (In no specific order)

Girl kissing dinosaur at Lost Lands Music Festival



Svdden Death blasted on the scene with his hitTake Ya Head Off and his many remixes. His remix ofBiterz by Zomboy is one I always go crazy for! Being on Never Say Die Label and Never Say Die’s Black label, he has become one of my top favorites. He has caught my ear and many others by the sounds he creates. His Junkworld EP is still making moves along with the songs that put him on the scene. Svdden Death & AFK murdered their EDC set and everyone who was at it, but I am hoping for a Svdden Death solo set at Lost Lands. Either way DO NOT MISS HIM.



Oldies but still goodies. Since 2010, Modestep has paved the way for some new artists and old. Their popular hits, Feel Good, Another Day, Sunlight (my favorite), and many others have millions of views, likes, and listens so they are one group you have to catch. They even sing their own vocals with a live band. I have never seen them and will be making sure not to miss them. They dropped new music within the last few months, in case you need to catch up on remembering how good they are!


Papa Planet Purge - talk about someone who is in their prime. Although he's only 25, Midnight T kills it every time he drops something new. HisMidnight Snacks mixes were what caught people’s attention. Him using video game samples brought a new sound to his tracks. If my friends and I had to describe Midnight T in a few words, it would be dark, scary, and absolutely disgusting. He makes the perfect bassface noises and is only getting better. He's been around since 2011 but took off strong recently when he sampledRick and MortyforPlanet Purge with EH!DE. His most recent flithy mix is definitely one to check out on the way to Lost Lands, if you haven’t already.


HE$HMANE came in hot from Dallas, Texas with his Burner Posse. He has made noise with his hitsPull upandBout My Guap. He's currently touring with Blunts & Blondes (another LL artist) and Bommer. His new trackBeam on Da Hip is the flame emoji in my phone, used one thousand times. It is only a clip for now so I can only imagine what the full track is going to be like. His track art is also one thing I really hope to see him incorporate into his visuals. If this is how he is starting out I can’t wait to see what more is to come from him.


This Canadian space mom will be back for round two of Lost Lands and I strongly suggest to not miss her. She captivated everyone last year and every set I have seen her play, she has kept growing as an artist. Besides her out of this world visuals she works so hard on, her music also makes a big statement. Purple Gusher has over 1 million plays on Soundcloud andRelax is almost to 1 million plays, sitting at a nice, 997.9K. Only five years ago, was she discovered by Skrillex and she’s been dropping killer tracks ever since, her most recent oneWitching Houris one of my new favorites. When mom tells you to relax, you do it. Let’s get weird.


One of the pioneers of Dubstep has come back stronger than ever. Taking about a year off due to being diagnosed with Gastric Lymphoma (a type of stomach cancer), he is all clear now and we couldn’t be happier for him! Been killing the game since 2006 with songs likeCockney Thug, Woo Boost, andHold Onft. Amber Coffman,Rusko had always caught my attention and I bet yours, too. If he hasn’t, well here is your chance to see his electric energy stage presence along with his bouncy wubs. As he would probably say “Wake The Fuck Up” and don’t miss one of the greats set!


Every artist on the LL lineup is amazing and you should see as many as you can but if you don’t have at least one of these artists on your list to watch, I would reconsider!! I can’t wait for round two of LL! Come find me with dinosaurs and let’s rage!

 Lost Lands 2018 lineup featuring Excision, Flux Pavillion, Illenium, NGHTMRE, Rezz, Rusko, Slander, Snails, Zomboy


Cover Image provided by Lost Lands & Rukes Photography

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