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What is the Unicorn Crew
  • The iHeartRaves Unicorn Crew was created to give our community an opportunity to help us inspire confidence and empower self-expression through fashion and positivity at music festivals and beyond.
  • Our goal is to bring ravers of all backgrounds together to create unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences while representing iHeartRaves.
  • The Unicorn Crew embodies iHeartRaves’ mission to spread festival culture as far and wide as possible.
  • Unicorns also help showcase the attendees, music, performances and other amazing aspects of raves by providing coverage of the event to our network of social media followers and fans.
  • By joining the Unicorn Crew you will gain professional experience in areas such as social media, project management, marketing, content creation, creative expression, and more.
  • Everyone is welcome to apply to be a part of the Unicorn Crew and represent iHeartRaves at a music festival near you.

"I love that I represent a company that stands for inclusion and diversity. iHR not only aligns with my personal values but my business core values as well. As a social media and business coach, it's amazing to partner with a company that offers opportunities to promote brand awareness to creatives and entrepreneurs."

- Perry R.

Get Involved

A new kind of festival experience:
Attend your favorite festivals in a fun and unique way as a part of the Unicorn Crew.

Community Building

Community Building

Make new festival friends, build genuine relationships within the rave community, and help spread our charitable efforts.

Gain Professional Skills

Gain Professional Skills

Expand your experience and open up future opportunities within the EDM, Fashion, and Marketing industries.

Represent iHeartRaves

Represent iHeartRaves

You’ll receive professionally styled outfits, become a part of the Unicorn Crew family, and spread the mission of iHeartRaves with us.

Unicorn crew Star

“Being an iHeartRaves Unicorn has opened up so many opportunities to me. I have gained many lifelong friendships as well as built up my professional portfolio within the EDM fashion community. I am forever grateful to the iHR team for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Unicorn Crew in addition to leading multiple crews.”

- Briahna W.

roles title

Each member of the Unicorn Crew
will be assigned a specific role at the festival.

  • responsibilities one

    Rave Mom

    compassionate, gets along with everyone

    Main point of contact to iHeartRaves team, putting together group schedule, posting to Instagram + story takeover

  • responsibilities two

    Content Kween

    Loves capturing all
    the memories, inspires
    confidence in others

    Creative direction for photos and videos, collecting and submitting all content

  • responsibilities three

    Sparkle Sweetheart

    Has a passion for festival fashion, loves glitter, makeup and all things glam
    Outfit preview on Instagram before festival, submits hair & make-up inspo to the crew

  • responsibilities four

    Positively Passionate BB

    Social butterfly, outgoing,
    always hyping everyone up

    Spreading positivity to everyone the crew meets, making sure that the scavenger hunt is completed

"I have been an iHeartRaves Unicorn three times! It is truly a life changing experience. I have made so many lifelong friends around the country from being a Unicorn. I have gained networking experience by attending festivals with iHeartRaves. You meet so many people while being a Unicorn, you never know who you might run into. Each festival I have attended has brought me professional opportunities in the rave scene. I have also been able to spread so much PLUR. If you have ever wanted to apply to become an iHeartRaves Unicorn, this is your sign to go for it. I'm always happy to help and give you my advice. Happy raving!"

-Molly Hannah

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Passion for PLUR

Your ultimate mission is to spread Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Showcase the beauty of the rave community, be a good example of the iHeartRaves brand, and always act with kindness.

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You will definitely be recognized and approached many times while on the Unicorn Crew. Be open minded as festival goers come up to meet you and ask for photos. This is a great opportunity to take the initiative to trade some kandi and have a genuine conversation.

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Stick Together

Your Unicorn Crew is your rave family for the entire festival weekend, and in this family no one gets left behind. If you have friends attending, they are welcome to tag along and help with your Unicorn Crew responsibilities but they shouldn't detract from them.

how to apply title

The easiest way to know about Unicorn Crew opportunities is to sign up for our mailing list and regularly
check @iHeartRavesUnicorns and @iHeartRaves on Instagram for announcements.