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Wondering which rave fashion trend to look out for this season? We’ve got you covered! From the runway to the rail, one style in particular we can’t get enough of is fringe. The trendy motif is undeniably fun to dance in and it’s showing up in all shapes and forms across the festival fashion scene, making it a super easy and fun trend to jump on.

Stay ahead of the style curve with our top picks of stylish fringed accents to get you in one of this season’s biggest rave fashion trends.

Lace Flowerfields Beaded Outfit

Fringe Top

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend starting simple and going for a fringe top. You can find them in all sorts of colors and pair them easily with your favorite rave bottoms.

Not enough for you? Get your hands on a matching set so you wear this trend both on the top and bottom. This look will have you in the mood for dancing all night long, you won’t be able to resist shimmying all the way to the main stage.

Nostalgia Fringe Bikini Outfit

Fringe Skirt

If you’re going for an edgy style, then go for a stylish leather fringe skirt. It may seem a bit plain at first, but pair it with strappy bottoms and bralette, and you’ll have a look that packs a real punch.

To mix things up from one rave to another, experiment with different lengths of fringe. From a mini skirt to something just below the knee, you can really have fun and get creative with your outfit.

Dreaming Of You Outfit

Fringe Belt or Harness

If you’ve already got your festival outfit but haven’t incorporated any fringe into it yet then you can complete your look with a fringe belt or harness. These accessories are amazing because you can basically wear anything you want underneath and throw on these trendy fringe pieces over the top for an on-trend look. You can even take a plain or older rave outfit and turn it around with striking and colorful fringe details.

Dancing On Sunbeams Outfit

Rhinestone, Holographic or Sequin Fringe

Take this trend to the next level with a fringe so sparkly, people around you won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Definitely one of this year’s must-own rave pieces, you’ll find it hard taking it off. Feel like a real goddess as your outfit shines and catches the light in every direction.

Starlight Sprinkle Sequin Outfit

Fringe Arm Warmers

Add an extra playful touch to any festival outfit with a fun and flirty pair of fringe arm warmers. Style them into an outfit with a bodysuit or matching set for a fierce rave look. Find your groove and flow the night away, they’ll give your every movement a dreamy ethereal vibe. We just know you’ll be as obsessed with them as we are!

We update our new arrivals regularly with the latest trends and styles so you’ll always have the best of rave fashion to choose from for all your festival adventures. We can’t wait to see how you pull together your outfit, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @iheartraves!

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