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Halloween is fast approaching, and we all know the best part of this holiday is choosing the ultimate costumes! As ravers, we are no strangers to dressing up, and Halloween is an awesome time to show off our style skills. There are so many directions you can go in when deciding what to be for Halloween, so we’re giving you some suggestions to make your decision a little easier.

Out Of This World

Uh-Huh Hunny Outfit

Extraterrestrial themes are huge in the rave world, and Halloween is the best excuse to dress up as a sexy alien or a house-loving astronaut. There are also a ton of opportunities for couples and group costumes that fit this theme! Build an alien squad with your friends in the Cosmic Chaos Alien Costume and the Solstice Kiss Holo Set, or explore the unknown in matching astronaut suits. Add some glitter, and you will surely have an out-of-this-world Halloween experience!

Embrace Your Wild Side

Techno Kitty Outfit

Feeling wild this spooky season? Animal costumes are super cute and perfect for any Halloween event. Embrace your wild side and let loose in this Wild Cat Costume. If you and your rave fam are going to be headbanging at a Halloween rave, consider going as dubstep dinos and check out these pink and green dinosaur sets.

The Classics

Take Me To Malibu Outfit

Certain costumes will never go out of style. Classic costumes come back every year because they are timeless. If you’re feeling scary this Halloween, try a holographic skeleton or a seductive devil costume. If you’re going for a flirtier vibe, you can never go wrong with the Team Techno Cheerleader outfit. This fit is a fun take on the basic cheerleader costume! You can make any of the classics your own with glitter, accessories, and other modern twists.

Magic Moment

Moon Prism Power Outfit

Have a legendary Halloween dressed as your favorite mythical creature! Fairies, elves and unicorns are not only charming characters, but they are also very trendy right now. These Fractal Fantasy Fairy Wings will transform any outfit into an enchanting fairy ensemble. You could also pair this Rainbow Unicorn Costume with some sparkly fishnets for a dazzling festival look!

Cute n’ Cozy

Sometimes you just want to be comfortable. Whether you’re trick or treating, bar hopping or hanging with your friends, a onesie is a great way to dress up and stay warm. One piece costumes are really easy and there are tons to choose from. From fierce shark to cute koala, you’re sure to find something that’s your style!

No matter what you decide to be this year, you can’t go wrong. As long as you’re feeling like your best self, you’re going to slay this Halloween!

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