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The end of 2018 is quickly approaching, and the time has come to find the perfect event to sign off your year with one last epic weekend. For all my Alberta ravers (and all those who want to party Canadian style), that ultimate year-end bash is Get Together in Edmonton, Alberta. Get Together is a two-night event, providing back-to-back parties on Thursday, December 27 and Friday, December 28, 2018.

Ready to give 2018 its proper farewell? Here’s a full rundown on what you need to know:

The Venue

Get Together is held at the Shaw Conference Centre, located in the heart of Alberta’s capital city. The Shaw is recognized as one of North America’s top five performing venues. It is commonly known for pushing the past the limits of normality and providing a truly exceptional experience for its guests. The event centre hosts a half a million guests each year. Trust me - they know a thing or two about hosting a good party.

Picture this: You and your squad walk into a beautiful glass building, fanny packs on and tickets in hand. As you make your way down the stairs to the main event hall, you can feel the vibrant energy of the ravers around you. Once your foot leaves that last step, you leave reality behind and walk into 150,000 square feet of electronic euphoria.

Crowd at Get Together Festival

Image Courtesy of Blueprint/Boodang/Get Together 


The Lineup

Get Together’s lineup is jam-packed with a variety of artists you don’t want to miss. The event has a dynamic lineup, catering to the city’s love for bass music with a heavy focus on trap and dubstep. Personally, I’m really looking forward to catching Alison Wonderland’s set. She hasn’t been to Edmonton since 2015, and I think that long-awaited return paired with the release of her Awake album this past spring will bring some serious energy, from both herself and the crowd.

Check out the full lineup (set times TBA):

Get Together Festival Lineup 2018

The Name

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Get Together? The most obvious answer: a gathering of friends. The event name means exactly that. Two of western Canada’s event powerhouses, Blueprint and Boodang, collaborate together for this special two-night event to provide guests with the ultimate entertainment experience. Combing their expertise, Boodang and Blueprint are able to maximize the amount of creativity, resources and energy being poured into every detail of the event, allowing for an experience truly like no other.

Confetti Dropping on Crowd at Get Together Festival

Image Courtesy of  Blueprint/Boodang/Get Together 



Based in Vancouver, BC, Blueprint is one of the largest lifestyle, concert and event hubs in western Canada. Known for their extraordinary events, Blueprint has become masters in providing innovative and cutting-edge entertainment for its patrons. Blueprint is highly recognized for being at the forefront of entertainment culture, offering an impressive scale of nightclubs, over 250 blow out dance events (annually), and numerous pubs and liquor stores. The expertise behind Blueprint is derived from a dedicated and forwarding-thinking team, with skilled leaders in a variety of fields. With a focus on current and upcoming trends paired with a relentless passion for their fanbase, Blueprint provides an exceptional entertainment experience from ticket purchase to night end.



Boodang has been a part of the Canadian dance music scene since 1999, and they have been groundbreaking pioneers for the EDM community ever since. In 2001, Boodang worked with the city of Edmonton to throw the first dance music event supported by a new city bylaw. By working with city officials, Boodang was able to lay the foundation for the electronic community in Edmonton, and continues to serve both the city and their fanbase as a trusted entertainment enterprise. Boodang has continued to dedicate themselves to their community, and in 2007 they became the first promoter to throw an event at the Shaw Conference Centre (owned by the city of Edmonton). Through their renowned reputation, elaborate events and loyal fans, Boodang has become a staple in Canada’s EDM community.  

Event FAQs:

  • This is an 18+ event. Attendees without a valid, government-issued photo ID will not be permitted into the event (there’s no exceptions, trust us). We don’t want to see any broken hearts at the entrance doors, so please make sure to remember your ID AND tickets!
  • Doors are from 8pm - 2am. Line times increase during peak times (see below). Pro tip: arrive early to avoid missing a set and standing in the cold. Keep in mind, Edmonton gets cold AF this time of year and it isn’t uncommon for the lineup to go out the door. Be smart, bring a jacket (iHeartRaves has tons of cute and affordable styles! Plus, there’s coat check available inside)
  • Familiarize yourself with event guidelines, prohibited and acceptable items, medical services and event entry details before arrival. For a full list of event dos, don'ts and need to knows, check out Get Together’s official FAQ page
  • According to the website, here are the average wait times to get inside the venue, depending on when you arrive:

    • 8:00pm-9:30pm 10-20 min
    • 9:30pm-10:30pm 30-40 min
    • 10:30pm-12:30am 45-60 min
    • 12:30am-01:30am 10-20 min
    • 1:30am-CLOSE 5-10 min
Get Together Festival

Image Courtesy of Blueprint/Boodang/Get Together 


Purchase Tickets ASAP

Event goers can choose between a day one only pass, a day two only pass, both day festival pass or both day VIP festival pass. Tickets are available for purchase through Live Nation, ticketmaster, and the official Get Together website (please note tickets purchased through the Get Together website are redirected to ticketmaster).

Stay in the loop

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