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I set goals every year to become better at something. These things range from personal growth to simply fun tasks. For 2019 one of my goals is to ‘get better at hair.’ I’ve found that when I have my hair done just after a fresh cut I feel so confident! But I’m never able to recreate the looks myself at home.

Part of this journey is, of course, perfecting my hair for festivals and raves. In the past few years, we’ve seen glitter roots, space buns, festival braids and rainbow hair. I’ve experimented in literally all of these styles and more. 

There are lots of gorgeous photos out there of girls with their hair styled perfectly to these looks, but not all of us have the budget to hire someone or super talented friends in our repertoire to do it for us. That’s why I decided to try and see if I can take on braids, one of this year’s biggest festival hair styles, and handle it myself!

I’m hoping to have a whole series of ways you can style your own rainbow hair styles as I practice more, and find more simple styles to do!

My first piece is all about just creating one simple rainbow braid - not taking it too far, or making it too complicated.

Since I wasn’t sure exactly how to start the braid so that the top would look nice, I decided to part my hair super far over to add the braid almost like a hair wrap under a layer of hair. This way I was able to hide any messy beginnings of my style.

I took only a small piece of my styling hair, and looped it through a tiny hair rubber band so that it had two sides. I then looped the hair around a piece of my own hair just like any other pony holder.

I then simply braided the hair down until the end and tied it off with another rubber band. I clipped the edges to make them more even. If you have shorter hair, you can, of course, end your braid earlier and then clip the excess hair off.

I pushed my part over top of the braid to hid the messy top, then used a bobbi pin to clip it all back cutely. You could also use some prettier clips as well if you have them!

Voila! I had a simple fun addition to my hair.

Check out my DIY braids video below to learn how you can create your own festival braids, just in time to have awesome festival hair for 2019 festival season!

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