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Few EDM sub-genres have captured a massive, cult-like following quite like hardstyle. The genre emerged out of Europe in the mid to late '90s, and since then it's become a global phenomenon among ravers. Places like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK were some of the first spots that you could hear hardstyle when it first emerged, and today those places are still major hubs for the genre. It's rare that you can so easily track the original roots of a global EDM genre, but today's Defqon.1 festival was originally created by the first people to create the genre way back in the day. 

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As for what Hardstyle is? You'll know it when you hear it, because Hardstyle is FAST! Picture raging at 140-150 BPM with lazers going nuts and a crowd so excited it can't stand still. Hardstyle—just like you would expect from the name—has tons of energy! If you want to rage, this genre is for you. 

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Top Hardstyle DJs

Ever since Hardstyle emerged in the '90s, the DJs who make it have been slowly getting bigger around the globe. Now that the genre is popular all over the place, we're seeing tons of new hardstyle DJs pop up! Some classic favorites include Luna, The Prophet, and Yoda Inc., but there are tons of Hardstyle DJs and producers today that make the genre. 


Some of the most popular Hardstyle DJs today include Headhunterz, Miss K8, Nosferatu, Keltek, Zatox, Radical Redemption, and Angerfist. The great thing about Hardstyle is that it's always going to be a good time, so if you find a Hardstyle stage at a festival, you know it will bring the vibes regardless of who's playing. That being said, it's always worth it to see the majors play at original festivals like Defqon.1 or other events throughout Europe. 

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Top Hardstyle Festivals

Like we said before, a lot of the bigger Hardstyle festivals in the world are located in Europe. Not everyone can travel there for festivals, so the good news is that there ARE amazing Hardstyle events in the US! Basscon Wasteland in San Bernardino, for example, is one of our favorites! The 2023 Basscon Wasteland kicks off on February 24 and goes for two nights, so grab your tickets here and check out the lineup below: 

Other popular Hardstyle festivals include events in The Netherlands like Defqon.1 of course, Dominator, Decibel, and Supremacy. Don't feel left out if you find that you can't travel that far to rave, though, because American ravers tend to go just as hard! 

What to wear to a Hardstyle festival

At iHeartRaves we're all about expressing yourself, so at the end of the day we think that you should wear what YOU want to a festival, not just what seems to be popular at the moment. That being said, when you go to Hardstyle events you'll see a little of everything, but overall you're probably going to see a lot of trippy prints, and a lot of black. Here are some favorites that we've picked out for events like Basscon Wasteland: 

Don't Be A Stranger Outfit

Lost In Space Outfit

Laser Cut Outfit

Kinetic Field Outfit  

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