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It isn't often that you hear about an artist who successfully made the jump from the business side of the music industry to being front and center onstage. And yet, Laura van Dam has defied any expectations and gone above and beyond that, earning the title of "the Future of Dance" from so early on in her solo career. With a few years in A&R at Doorn Records under her belt where she was responsible for signing new label releases and scouting talent, Laura van Dam took the stage herself as an artist.

Working closely with Sander van Doorn, Laura van Dam has had the opportunity to cultivate a career with mentorship from some of the best names in the progressive house and trance scenes. Today, her solo career will take her to festival stages around the globe with scheduled sets at Miami's Ultra Music Festival, Hong Kong's Creamfields, Sydney's Hyperdome, and even Luminosity Beach Festival in her home country of The Netherlands. 

We caught up with Laura van Dam before her set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami from March 22-24. Grab tickets to Ultra here before they sell out (and they're close!). Check out our guide for everything you need to know about how to to go to Ultra here. Stream Laura's music on Spotify here

iHeartRaves: Congratulations on being labeled "the Future of Dance" by - How did that accomplishment feel?

Laura van Dam: It's truly amazing that the team of honored me with the label 'The Future of Dance,' it kind of feels like I've won my first award! The label means a lot to me, it’s a very nice compliment after putting in the hard work. Spending countless hours in the studio, day and night, experimenting and crafting my own sound and now being able to release my music via labels like Anjuna, Armada, Epic247 and AFTR:HRS, which allows me to grow and reach more people with my music every day. And of course, a big shout out to my awesome team for making it happen!

iHR: I always like to hear how artists describe their music in their own words. Tell us about your music - how would you describe it?

LvD: For me, music is like a story that unfolds from start to finish. I really enjoy melodic and progressive house because it has these amazing melodies and strong beats. I like a good catchy tune and I'm not afraid of a solid bass line and a deeper dark drop. Bringing all these ingredients together to create a musical journey that keeps me hooked.

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iHR: What inspires you? Where do you begin when you produce something new?

LvD: In my own studio work I’m always inspired by classical music, like Ludovico Einaudi, for example. And also by other electronic producers, such as Joris Voorn, Yotto, and Meduza. When I start a new project, I usually start with a melody line that gets me in my creative zone and I close my eyes to feel if it connects with my heart. From that point on, I add more ingredients and build towards a progressive house or melodic techno or trance arrangement. My creative process is always about capturing pure emotions in my songs for myself and my audience to connect to.

iHR: Your mentor is Sander Van Doorn - how has that shaped you as an artist?

LvD: I have known Sander (van Doorn) for quite a long time. My past work for him as A&R for his Doorn Records shaped my creative vision as well. While working together Sander always gave me helpful advice on my own productions and gave me tips on how I could take my tracks to a higher level. His tips and advice throughout the years made sure my tracks sound solid at the clubs and festivals.

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iHR: What have you learned from that experience that you would share with other up and coming artists?

LvD: This tip is general: make sure people notice you in the music scene. Go to festivals, check out clubs, those are often the best places to meet industry people in a fun and easy way. Be active on social media and let everyone see who you are as an artist and a person. Stay consistent, don't give up, and bring the world a unique music flavor of your own.

iHR: Tell us about your upcoming releases, what can we expect in 2024?

LvD: At the moment my latest single “Blow Up The Speakers” is being very well received, it got picked up by many legendary DJs across the board, from Armin van Buuren to Laidback Luke, while performing very nicely on the streaming platforms as well.

My next release is called “This Feeling” and it is coming out on International Women's Day (March 8th) via Enhanced Recordings. I remember that I played that track for the first time at Tomorrowland last summer, and I was just blown away by how the crowd responded to the track.

Also, Armin van Buuren just premiered my upcoming collab release with Ginchy, it’s called “Save Me” and is to be released via his personal imprint Armind in April.

Later this year you can expect new original music on Anjunabeats, including a very special remix I’m really excited about, and I have several really cool artist collaborations scheduled to be released for this year, which I can't wait to share with my followers.

iHR: Tell us about some of your upcoming shows. Which ones are you most excited for?

LvD: I'm just absolutely stoked for my 2024 touring schedule, there is still a lot to be announced. But obviously I am very excited to make my debut at Ultra Music Festival in Miami on the Worldwide Stage (A State of Trance stage) which is my childhood dream coming true.

Also, I’m very excited about playing the mainstage at A State Of Trance in Rotterdam and being back at Mysteryland festival in The Netherlands this summer. Also, I’m doing my first tour run to China and Australia in April, playing at Creamfields in Hong Kong and the new Hyperdome events in Sydney and Melbourne. 

iHR: Coming from Europe, the European dance music scene can be much different from the US. What are some of the biggest differences you've noticed?

LvD: That's right! I just love the audience in the US; it has always been a dream to tour extensively there. When comparing the crowds in general, the European crowd might seem a bit more laidback while really enjoying the music and the moment, whereas the crowds in the US in general are really hyped, they go all out together and really live up to the moment.

iHR: Tell us about your rave or festival style:

LvD: I'm all about crop tops, high-waisted shorts, and statement sunglasses. Some days, it's a sleek, all-black vibe; other times, I'm diving into a burst of colors. 

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iHR: Where do you look for inspiration when it comes to festival fashion?

LvD: Scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. Or checking content from big influencing festivals like Ultra of course.

iHR: What are some of your favorite festival or rave fashion trends?

LvD: I’m loving the trendy holographic fabrics because it makes you shine day and night and creative accessories like body jewels and cool sunglasses.

iHR: If you made a piece of Kandi today, what would it say?

LvD: Something like ‘Enjoy the moment’ or ‘live the freedom’ - Celebrating life together and meeting new people brings your life into the present, while dancing together creates moments of joy!

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