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As a big bass head and long-time dubstep lover I was so excited to be able to finally attended the Deadbeats tour when it came to Arizona. I had originally planned on attending the Deadbeats tour back in 2020, but like many events last year this one was rescheduled. I was feeling blessed that the world is finally getting back to normal and I could get all dressed up in iHeartRaves to headbang with my best babes. We made the short drive to the event that was held at the most popular AZ venue, Rawhide event center. It’s is located in Chandler, AZ and is a true favorite venue amongst the locals because of its size and that it's easily accessible from all parts of town.

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@Mamaunicorn175 @Amirra_boo and @Daisy_DewDrops in the Please Me Corset Top and Give 'Em A Thrill Long Sleeve Bodysuit

The event itself offered so many things, but here are five things that I think sets Deadbeats apart from other raves and festivals that I've been to:

  1. A bass lineup like no other! The headliners of for this event included Zeds Dead, Subtronics, Rusko, Dirt Monkey, Lick, and Level Up. Along with a few supporting acts, made for the perfect variety of heavy dubstep to more melodic bass beats. Any bass fan knows Deadbeats is where it's at.
  2. The newly designed stage setup is an incredible level-up from anything that we have seen at any AZ event and gives a sneak peek at what’s in store for future events. The Deadbeats production did a great job at making this new stage set up feel unique and brought great visuals to go with it. I think this is really important these days because at this point ravers have seen a lot of stages and a lot of light shows, so it takes a lot to wow veteran ravers like myself and Deadbeats always does a good job with that. bass outfits
  3. Headbangers galore and good vibes. At first glance, you might assume that a group of ravers dressed up in all black outfits featuring carefully ripped fishnets, large chain accessories, and ready to break their necks to some of the most aggressive music in the industry could be not the friendliest crowd of people to end up with. From my own personal experience, I would reassure you that these tend to be the nicest people to be around. Throughout the night so many people generously fanned us as we walked by or kindly offered me a seat on their pashmina to avoid having me sit directly on the grass.
  4. FESTIVAL FASHION! As a lover of all things festival and fashion, one thing that I appreciate most about bass focused events is that this type of show gives me the opportunity to tap into my inner “bad ass babe” and break out some of my accessories that even my friends might be surprised are hiding in my festival drawer. From studded belts and layering chains, how could not feel like you are 
  5. Finally, a big thank you to the Relentless Rangers, a group of individuals that are friendly ravers that volunteer to help keep festival-goers safe and are always so friendly. An outside event in the middle of July here in the Arizona desert can be tough on even the locals who are used to the heat, so having passionate ravers who are trained and able to help keep everyone safe is always incredibly important and much appreciated to those all around. 

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Overall the vibes at Deadbeats are unmatched and the event is worth going to in any city because the production team always brings its A-game to every stop on the tour. I personally think there is something to love about every genre of dance music, and bass music is one of the most fun genres to dance to with crowds that are always full of the nicest people.

Dead Beats is currently on tour and visiting many US cities including a stop in Canada, so if have the chance to make this show when it comes to a town near you I would absolutely suggest not missing this event! It was an incredible experience and a great way to kick off the 2021 festival season. 

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