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Raves are a great place to show off your creativity and style with the fashion and clothes that you wear. You can look great by wearing a rave top and bottoms but you can never go wrong with topping off your style with accessories and extras to make your outfit and look go above and beyond. Here is a rundown of some of the best rave accessories to bring to your next rave!

Hair Accessories

You can easily bring together your rave fit and make yourself stand out with accessories that you wear on your head and hair! Wigs are totally in right now and with so many different styles and colors, you can make a look unique and different by how you do your hair! And with fall and winter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to finish your look with a wig for the colder weather.

Headbands are also a really cute accessory that you can wear to bring your outfit to the next level. They are super easy to put on and can turn your look into a completely different style with a headband.

If you’re not a fan of wearing things on your head, you can use cute scrunchies and hair ties to style your hair into half-do’s and ponytails! There are also lots of cute hair clips that you can add to your hair to make your hair pop out with your outfit. You can find lots of cute wigs, hair accessories and hats here.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Hair Clip Set

Lavender Butterfly Hair Clips

Lunautics Ghost Me Glow Hair Extensions

Face Accessories

Jewels and glitter have always been in style for raves and festivals. You can easily transform your look by adding face jewels and glitter to your face to make your face shine and glitter throughout the rave. iHeartRaves has many different face jewels that are easy to put on, as well as new styles like jewels for your eye makeup! You can find them and other beauty items here!

Neon Nightz UV Reactive Temporary Tattoo Pack

Lunautics x iHR Move To The Beat Mini Mix Pack

Lunautics x iHR Dark Thoughts Liner with Face Jewels

Leg and Arm Accessories

Thigh highs and stockings have always been a part of rave fashion, especially fishnets. They are super cute to add to your look, but with rave fashion transforming, there are so many different and new styles of stockings and leg wraps that can bring your look to the next level!

Some of the cutest accessories to wear on your legs are leg wraps and fishnets, especially the ones with rhinestones! There are also new accessories like arm wraps that look super cute and unique that will make your outfit stand out.

Alison Wonderland x IHR Happy Place UV Reactive Leg Wraps

Alien Quest UV Leg Wraps

If you want to try other styles, gloves are also in right now and there are lots of different styles as well that will go with whatever outfit you choose. iHeartRaves has a big selection of items in these areas, so check it out here.

Harnesses have also been up and coming for accessories. They add a really edgy look to almost any outfit and are super simple to add different layers of styles with. There are so many new styles and looks coming out and iHeartRaves always brings out the cutest items.

Other Accessories

When you're going to a rave, it’s nice to have some other items like a fanny pack or small backpack to bring with you to carry your items so that you don’t lose important things like your phone or wallet. There are many cute fanny packs and backpacks that are the perfect style for raves and your outfit that you can find here.

Dark Deception Hydration Backpack

Enchantix Holo Hydration Backpack

If you’re going to a bigger event like a festival, check out some of the bigger hydration bags that not only look cute, but will keep you hydrated throughout the festival!

Some other great accessories include hand fans that come in many designs and styles. I find that they are almost an essential item now since the crowds at raves and festivals can get pretty hot and it’s really nice to cool you and your squad down with.

In conclusion, accessories can completely transform your outfit and with so many new styles coming out, you can find many that go with new outfits, as well as change up old outfits that you have! 

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