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Festival season is here, and one of the best parts of any festival is getting to style your look. We've got you covered for all things rave clothes and festival style, but we often get questions about how to style your hair too! Here are some of our favorite festival hairstyles for 2024 that we're loving this season. 

Mermaid Waves

Channel your inner sea goddess with effortless waves that scream beach chic. Grab a thick barrel curling iron or a wave styler to create this effortless look in just a few minutes! 


Y2K Space Buns

Blast off into style with these adorable double buns that are out of this world. Create a funky part or add small braids to your buns to add texture!


Boho Braids

Embrace your inner coconut girl with intricate braids that add texture while protecting natural hair from the festival elements. 


Rainbow Braids

Why pick just one color when you can have them all? Rock a vibrant rainbow mane and stand out from the crowd. Get the look with our Lunautics Rainbow Ombre Hair Extensions with Tinsel


Pastel Braids

This classic festival look never goes out of style. Match your braids to your fit for the perfect monochrome look, or add an unexpected pop of pastel to your hair! Get the look with our Lunautics Dreamgirl UV Hair Extensions


Fishtail Braids

Add a twist to your braids with this intricate fishtail style that's both elegant and edgy.


Braided Ponytail

Elevate your ponytail game with a long braided ponytail for a baddie vibe. Add a pop of color with braid extensions woven throughout.


Braided Pigtails

This cute Y2K-inspired look pairs well with any rave or festival look! This is a great look for girlies with fine hair because it adds texture while protecting the hair so you can rage all night without worrying about tangles. 

Accessorized Braids

Amp up your braids with fun accessories like charms, rings, and pins for an extra dose of personality.


Braided Space Buns

Combine the best of both worlds with braided space buns that are equal parts cute and badass.


Mini Braids

Get this look inspired by Hailey Bieber's mini braids by adding small braids throughout your hair. Wave your hair first to add extra texture and body that looks natural.  

Glitter Roots

Shine bright like a diamond with glitter roots that add a touch of sparkle to any look. You can't go wrong with this classic rave look! Get the look with our iHeart Lunautics Supernova Glitter


Half-Up Space Buns

Combine two trends in one with this cute half-up hairstyle featuring mini space buns.

Sleek Top Knot

Keep it chic and simple with a sleek top knot that exudes effortless cool.


Bantu Knots

Rock a protective style to keep ur hair safe from the elements with a classic like Bantu knots. Add kandi and other accessories to make it even more rave friendly! 


Ballerina Bun

Channel elegance and grace with a classic ballerina bun that never goes out of style. Add ribbon or other accessories to make it fun for a festival look, or keep it classic for a look that makes it easy to rage!


Wavy Ponytail

Keep it casual yet chic with a wavy ponytail that's perfect for dancing the day away.


Braided Crown

Feel like royalty with a braided crown that adds a touch of regal flair to your festival look.

Messy Bun

Embrace the messy hair look with a tousled bun that's effortlessly cool. Try a low or high bun to work with different styles! 

Spacey Ponytail

Go futuristic with a sleek ponytail adorned with metallic accents for an otherworldly vibe. Add bobby pins or clips to make the style unique, or keep it simple with a sleek ponytail! 

Bohemian Waves

Channel your inner boho babe with loose waves that radiate laid-back charm. Add a cowboy hat for a western vibe! 

Tied-Up Braids

Keep it simple yet chic with braids tied up into a stylish updo that's perfect for dancing.

Faux Hawk

Bring out ur inner Kesha with this edgy look. Add some edge to your look with a faux hawk that's fierce and fabulous.

Braided Bangs

Channel your inner baddie with this sleek look that adds texture to your face. 

Double Dutch Braids

Keep it cute and classic with double Dutch braids that never go out of style. Pair this look with chunky jewelry or hoop earrings to make it more edgy, or make it more boho with a flowing dress. 

Sleek Low Ponytail

Keep it sleek and sophisticated with a low ponytail that's perfect for any occasion. Braid rhinestone chains or hair extensions into the braid for an added touch that will make the look unique but low maintenance. 

Bubble Ponytail

Add some fun to your ponytail with bubbly sections that give off major '90s vibes. Use silver hair ties to create a spacey look or add clips and rhinestones to make it more glam. 

Mini Bubble Braids

Add a cute Y2K mini bubble braid with colored hair ties to match ur outfit. Experiment with braid sizes and different shapes to create texture with a unique look that will look great in pics! 

Messy Fishtail Braid

Embrace the messy-chic aesthetic with a fishtail braid that's perfectly imperfect. Do a half-up half-down look or do a full braid to keep your hair tied back so you can rave without making your hair tangled. 

Braided Half-Up Half-Down

Combine elegance with boho flair with a half-up half-down hairstyle featuring intricate braids. This look also goes well with Y2K outfits and more edgy styles. 

Butterfly Clips

Create the 90s look you always dreamed of as a kid with this half-up half-down look that adds butterfly clips for some extra flair. You can also add our Mystical Wings Butterfly Hair Clips to your space buns for a cute and unique look that channels ur inner fairy. 


Braids With Beads

Beaded braids are a classic when it comes to natural hair looks for Black and Brown girls. Make your beaded festival braids extra special with some neon braiding hair to match your fits for the weekend. This look will help keep your hair protected so you can rage without having to upkeep it. 

French Bubble Braids

This cute look adds texture and volume for the fine hair girlies. Plus, it's a look that will keep your hair back and kept tight so you can rage all night long without damaging your hair. 

Boho Half Bun

This simple boho look is the perfect touch for a laidback summer festival hairstyle that looks effortlessly cool.

Crimped Hair

Embrace retro vibes with crimped hair that adds texture and dimension to your look. This look goes well with boho styles or can be made more edgy with sunglasses and the right accessories. Make the look even more retro with a tighter crimper—the smaller the crimps, the more retro! 

Crimped Half-Up

This classic look can be achieved by doing a sleek half-up ponytail and crimping your hair. Pull your hair back just below your ears to create the extra-long ponytail look, or keep it to a classic half-up by pulling your hair back above your ears. 


Glitter Braids

Add some sparkle to your braids with glitter woven throughout for a dazzling effect. Put glitter on braided pigtails or a braided ponytail to make it more rave-y! We recommend using our iHeart Lunautics Supernova Glitter to achieve this look. 

Y2K Box Braids

Elevate your Y2K look with larger box braids that channel ur inner 90s pop star. This look goes well with edgy styles. 

Space Buns with Ribbon

Add a playful twist to your space buns with colorful ribbons woven throughout. Match the ribbon to the color of ur fit or add fun clips to the look to create a youthful style.

Glitter Ponytail

Take your ponytail to the next level with glitter along the hair tie for a celestial vibe that will look great in pics. We recommend using our iHeart Lunautics Supernova Glitter to achieve this look. 

Side-Swept Waves

Keep it romantic with side-swept waves that exude old Hollywood glamour.

Braided Bun with Ribbon

Create a cute and playful look by braiding ribbon into a bun. This look will keep your hair pulled back while keeping it cute and unique. 

Braided Bun with Flowers

Combine romance with boho flair with a braided bun adorned with delicate flowers. Add in real flowers that match the color of ur fit to bring out ur inner fairy. This look will keep your hair protected throughout the fest! 

Braided Pigtails With Ribbon

We're loving these sweet and playful looks that bring out classic European vibes for a unique and fun hairstyle that you can wear to festivals like Coachella. Braid ribbon into your hair and then tie your pigtails back up into bows to create this simple but cute look.

Butterfly Locs

Embrace your inner goddess with these butterfly locs that add drama and flair to your look. We're loving this recent style from Halle Bailey! 

Spacey Head Pieces

Create a super unique look to channel ur inner badass space queen with a unique head piece and a low ponytail.

Twisted Buns

Get an edgy and chic look by pulling your hair into a sleek ponytail and then creating small twists before pinning them into a bun. This look is simple but unique and creates an edgy vibe. 

Pearl or Rhinestone Hairline

Match your makeup to your hair by adding pearls or rhinestones along your eyes, hairline, and along your part to create a spacey look that can be achieved in just a few minutes! Shop our face gems and glitter here

Bobby Pin Fauxhawk

Create an extra unique look by making a fauxhawk out of silver bobby pins. This edgy style will stand out in a crowd and keep your hair protected while u rage all night long. 


Safety Pin Braids

Accessorize your hair with silver safety pins to create a unique look that will add an edgy flair to any look. Keep your jewelry simple and let your hair stand out as your hottest accessory. 


Y2K It Girl Ponytail

Master the clean girl look with this early 2000s throwback that channels ur inner it girl. Use a ponytail extension to get a fuller ponytail look, then curl the ends for an even more sleek style. 


Half-up Mini Ponytails

This is one of our favorite looks this festival season. Add butterfly hair clips over the elastics to create an even more playful look that goes with just about any outfit. 


Bobby Pin Styles

Tie the sides of your hair underneath the back of your hair to get your hair down, then pat it down with gel to create a sleek look. Add bobby pins on top to achieve this simple but cute look! 

Rhinestone Buns

Braid rhinestone strands into your hair to create this unique rave hairstyle that will go with just about any rave look. 


Rhinestone Hair

Stick rhinestones on top of your sleeked back look to make it more unique for the rave or festival. Or get stick-on rhinestone letters to send a message in your hair. 

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