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Everyone knows that queer nightlife is the best nightlife. If you didn't know that—now you do. Some of my favorite nightlife memories (and my most unique experiences) have been times when I've gone out of my way to explore the queer underground scene in different cities.

In many places, like Chicago and New York, the queer underground scene has long been the birthplace of some of the biggest art and music movements in modern history. House music, club kids, raves, and many parts of the fashion world have gotten their start in queer spaces around the globe.

Honoring this rich history is what Pride month is all about, so we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the queer spaces that have long been the inspiration for so much of the rave scene. These parties are safe spaces for the queer community, with dance floors that honor what it means to live proudly as your authentic self.

Here are just a couple of the many amazing queer dance floors throughout the US. How many have you grooved at?

A Club Called Rhonda

One of LA's most popular underground parties for nearly a decade now is A Club Called Rhonda, which switches locations throughout LA and has played host to some of the most iconic DJs of today. Rhonda's next party is a celebration for Pride at Don Quixote on June 8 and features icons like Violet Chachki. 

Rolita Couture x iHR Mystery Punk Princess Outfit


Heav3n calls itslef "a genreless, genderless party for the next generation of club kids." Need I say more? Check out its upcoming parties here

Subculture Party

Calling all hyperpop fans, this one is for you. Subculture Party is LAs favorite hyperpop party. Its upcoming party on June 22 will be a pride celebration that you can learn more about here

Silver Moon's Sparkling Corset Outfit


Pegasus is an underground queer event that has been happening in LA since 2021 and embodies the idea of a warehouse rave in every way. Keep an eye out for new events and news about the parties here

Por Detroit

With queer underground raves split between LA and Mexico City, Por Detroit is one of the most culturally diverse underground warehouse parties in the LA queer nightlife scene. Check out the vibe and see when the next event is here

Dancing On Sunbeams Outfit

Bass N Babes

Bass N' Babes is for the girls, the gays, and the theys. The event's mission is to uplift underrepresented artists in a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community in LA. Genres range depending on the event but you can keep up with the schedule here


Brüt is the largest underground circuit party in LA with events in other cities like New York, San Francisco, and Provincetown. Keep up with the schedule here

Sunflowerraver x iHR I'm Sensitive Bodysuit Outfit


With parties three nights a week, Nowadays has a stacked lineup of events centered around creating LGBTQ+ spaces. Check out their upcoming events here

C'mon Everybody 

C'mon Everybody is a queer-owned venue in New York that also hosts parties at its space. You'll find everything from RuPaul's All Star Events to disco events that will get you dancing. Check out their events here