Promoters Strategy Guide

Welcome to the iHeartRaves Family. We’re excited to make you an official promoter of iHeartRaves. Whether this is your first time promoting a brand or if you’re already a pro, we’re here to give you the resources you need to help set you up for success! Here’s some tips on how to effectively promote your discount link to your followers and friends (without annoying them) all while earning cash commission and iHeartRaves gift cards!

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Stay Up To Date with iHeartraves Sales

One of the best ways to promote is to know when to promote! Keep up with the latest best sales on by signing up for our email list.

We will keep you up to date on new arrivals, new collections, and the best deals. Promoting these announcements on your social media with your link will ensure you’re being relevant, not redundant.

Get the inside scoop with Promoters Emails

Keep an eye out for emails specifically curated for our promoters. These emails highlight all major sale announcements and collection launches that your followers won’t want to miss. We even provide you with resources you can use to promote on social media like GIFS, graphics, and photos sized for Instagram Stories.

Save More With Deals on Deals!

Your link gives your friends and followers an additional 10% off. That means if we have a 25% off sitewide sale, then your link will give them an extra 10% off the current discounted price. This kind of sale if the best time to promote your link because it will offer your friends and followers the biggest discount.

Use Personable Images to Promote Your Link

Use Personable Images to Promote Your Link

Your friends and followers are following you because they enjoy posts about your life. Don’t feel obligated to post graphics or photos from our page if they don’t resonate with you and your social media. The most engaging photos are usually ones where you’re rocking iHeartRaves at a festival or festival memes. Pairing photos with a personalized caption that directs followers to click the link in your bio to save is a great way to promote. Feel free to use the #ihrstyled hashtag in photos rocking iHeartRaves so our customers can discover your page as well.

Additionally we will update our promoters folder with all of our latest content for you to post if you wish to include it.

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Instagram Stories and Snapchat


Add your personalized discount link in your Instagram bio so your followers and friends have easy access to it. You will receive commission on any purchase they make within 30 days of clicking your link.

Instagram Stories & Snapchat

Instagram Stories and Snapchat are a wonderful way to promote your link without being too spammy since it only lasts 24 hours. If you have an Instagram business account you can ask your followers to swipe up to shop using your 10% discount link. Snapchat will allow anyone to add a link, so we highly encourage attaching your personal discount link when possible.

Facebook & Twitter

Make sure to post a thoughtful photo while promoting your link. Photo based posts will usually get more engagement and conversions.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat
Post Frequency

Post Frequency

The more you promote your link, the more commission you will make. However, we recommend posting about your link AT LEAST once a week on your biggest social media platform. Sprinkle your discount link in between your usual social media posts weekly. Amp up the frequency of promotion right before major festivals since everyone will be shopping for outfits.

DMS & Texts

When your friends or followers ask you for festival fashion advice it’s the perfect opportunity to share your discount link.

Follow The Rules

Breaking the rules can result in deactivating your affiliate link and revoking commission. Make sure you follow a couple simple rules to keep earning commission and rewards.

  1. You cannot earn commission off of your own purchases. Do not use your link when placing your personal orders.
  2. Paid advertising or bidding on iHeartRaves branded terms is not allowed. Please promote this link organically by sharing it with your friends, followers and fellow festival goers.
  3. Please do not promote you link on any official iHeartRaves social media posts through any public network. Any comments on posts made by iHeartRaves promoting your link could result in both deactivating you link and banning you from our page.
  4. Do not share your link with public coupon sites.