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In school, we’re always told to think about our future and what we are passionate about. Teachers push us to pursue a career in the working world and give us the tools to go after our dreams. They always show us options for your typical careers in medicine, science, business, etc, but never about careers that have to do with EDM! As ravers, this is a lifestyle that we love and we should be able to make a career that integrates our passions. Some may feel that being a DJ is the only way to get an awesome career in the dance music industry, but there are so many different jobs that you can have to be involved in the industry! Check out some of our top options:

DJ puts on show for crowd of ravers

Got a creative side? Channel your creativity by becoming a photographer or videographer! Imagine how fun it would be to get a photo pass and attend festivals and document the experience? You’ll get special access to the photo pit and enjoy the festival from the best spots at the entire festival while capturing the festival’s best moments. Not only will you get all those perks, you’ll get to meet amazing people including your favorite DJs. 

ravers enjoy DJ performance

If you have a way with words, you could become a writer! Usually when you think of a writer you think of someone who writes a book, but there are so many fun writing options that are EDM related. You can write for a music magazine or an EDM blog. The reason I became a blogger is because I knew I loved to write and I was so passionate about EDM! That’s why I write for iHeartRaves and I also made my own blog called EDMoholics. You can combine your love for music and express it through your words by writing. There are an endless amount of music blogs, websites and magazines out there that you can strive for! Do it well enough and you could get press passes to all the festivals you want!

rave girls wearing colorful clown outfits

Be part of the show and become a dancer or performer! If you are someone who loves to dance then this is the perfect career choice for you! If you love expressing yourself through dancing then being able to get up on stage or walk around the event would be a dream come true! Seeing all the amazing performers is one of my favorite things about going to festivals. They always add such a fun aspect to the experience. Not only will you get to move to your favorite music and have all eyes on you, but you get to wear the coolest costumes and have so many other passionate dancers up there with you who you can share this experience with together!

ravers enjoy main stage performance

Be hands on with stage design and stage production! All the lights, sound system, and decorations are made possible because of everyone involved in stage design! You can look and see how to be part of a stage production team or even be an entrepreneur and work on starting your own company! Without the production, these festivals wouldn’t even be possible, so it’s cool to know that you would be working as such an important part of the rave and festival puzzle. Also seeing the crowd have an amazing time and in awe of all your hard work would feel so rewarding!

These are only a few jobs that have to do with the EDM and rave lifestyle but there are so many more career paths out there that are also involved with this culture! Raving and EDM is your passion so you should really look into doing something where you can get paid to do what you love. Combining your skills with your passion is a match made in career heaven! If you are doing what you love, you will never feel like you are working because you will be getting paid to do what you love. When looking at your future career, think outside of the box and look into work that involves your love for EDM.


Emil Monroe said:

I’ve been dancing for 12 years and I love edm but have never been to a concert. A friend told me a good career choice that might fit me would be dancing at raves to hype people up and show good energy. What do I have to do to make something like that happen?

Leann Dejesus said:

I have a led whip and would love to be a dancer at an edm concert

Devin said:

Id like to be apart if entertainment walking around rocking cool outfits or be apart of the setup teams how do i go about doing so

Anthony said:

Ima also interested in knowing where to start and what company’s I shall contact to being able to become a dance performer walking around ,showing amazing vibes , asking people if there good and trying to get everyone lit🙌🏼

Felishia Roel said:

Thank you for the inspiring words! I will have a career in stage design and stage production one day!

Jennifer Orozco said:

So, how do I get my foot in the doorstep. Like what companies should I reach out to. Do I need prior qualifications?

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