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Festival season is here, which means it’s time to start thinking about the best part about raving: our outfits!

For most of us, we have several festivals on our schedule already, which means several different outfits, which can also mean spending a lot of money on several different pieces. But for those of us who like to show out on a budget, the only key piece we all should invest in is the black bodysuit. 

I’m starting the year out at Beyond Wonderland, with Coachella following, and then Electric Forest after that. All three of these festivals have very different vibes, which means three totally different looks for each. As a broke fashion student, I took this as a challenge to see which pieces I could recycle and reinvent at each event. The black bodysuit is the answer for all!

Whether you accessorize it with kandi lined up and down your arms and fluffies to match, or throw a long kimono over it with lace up gladiator sandals, you’re set for any rave or festival. Black is one of the easiest colors to throw into any color scheme you have going, and the “dark” look is going to be seen everywhere in rave fashion this season.

We all know from experience that festival season is the time where we start saving every penny we come across, and we consume more Instant Ramen than any one person should just to save money. Recycling outfits is the easiest way to keep some extra cash, plus it’s fun to see how you can keep making one outfit even more fabulous than the last each time you wear it.

rave girl in black cutout bodysuit

via Instagram @taylorveneza


boho styled rave girl wearing black cutout bodysuit

via Instagram @dryadgoddess

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