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Rave culture was founded on the principles of PLUR (Peace, Love Unity, and Respect) and that all are welcome. One of the wonderful aspects of going to raves is the ability to express yourself through fashion and your unique style. The fashion culture, especially in the rave community, that has blossomed over the years has given many people in the LGBTQ+ rave community the courage to be whomever they want to be despite social norms, stigmas, and outdated traditions. These stories are incredibly touching and have inspired us to create the Pride AF collection - a collection that celebrates diversity within our community. Pride AF is a colorful collection full of rainbow-themed items, including rave sets, tops, booty shorts, bodysuits, hosiery, rainbow clothes, accessories and more! Most importantly, this collection celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and equality for all. 

Whether you're celebrating Pride Month (or just pride!), LGBT History Month, or Human Rights Day, it's time to let your rainbow spirit shine with awesome pride 'fits. Stay colorful with all the rainbow clothing you need to add some fashionable flair to your fit. All of the items in this new collection are perfect for any festival or pride event/party! 

Wondering what to wear to pride?

No problem, iHeartRaves has you covered! Here are a few essentials:

  • Rainbow fanny packs
  • Rainbow Socks
  • Rainbow sets
  • Rainbow fans
  • Holographic rainbow wings
  • Rainbow feather wings
  • Holographic rainbow belts
  • Rainbow harnesses
  • Glitter! (you can never have too much)


Also, check out these 'fits for inspo about what to wear to pride!

Rainbow Mesh Cloud

In the Clouds Fishnet Tee

Rainbow Butterfly Wings

Daisy Corsets Rainbow Spectacle Winged Harness, Daisy Corsets Rainbow Glitter Fringe Skirt

Rainbow Leopard Cutout Bodysuit

Rainbow Leopard One Shoulder Bodysuit 

Pride clothing for men

Prism Oversize Fishnet Tee

Pride clothing for women

Ravin' Rainbow Stripped Bodysuit

 Rainbow Fan

Daft Boy Rainbow Sparkle Fan

In our efforts to show our love for the LGBTQ+ community we are also donating $5,000 to Live Out Loud. Live Out Loud is an organization that nurtures future LGBTQ+ leaders by providing them with mentors, resources, and opportunities to discover their voice and become agents of change in their community. By connecting LGBTQ+ youth to their shared history and a larger LGBTQ community, the Live Out Loud organization is able to bring awareness that can bridge the gap between human right and LGBTQ civil rights.  

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