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It’s time to get ready for Hangout Festival 2022! Hangout Festival offers great music on the beach and what can be better than that? Hangout is right on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama and will take place this year on May 20-22. The unique venue brings together all of the chill beach-day vibes but combines it with easy access to hotels and AirBNB spots nearby.

Since the venue for Hangout Festival makes it so unique, and potentially harder to dress for, we’re hooking you up with a guide on what to wear. Here is our guide to what to wear to Hangout Festival:

A Bathing Suit

It is the beach, after all. A bathing suit is a pretty safe outfit for this festival. Bikinis and one-pieces are both sure to have you looking hotter than the Alabama sun! You can rock just the suit, or you can dress it up. Fishnets, a pashmina or a cool chain belt would all be awesome additions to a bathing suit. If you’re worried about an insecure bikini top while dancing, you can also throw a pair of cute pasties underneath.

Dream Girl Outfit

Get Down Girl Recycled Fabric Outfit

Shot In The Dark Reflective Outfit

Appropriate Shoes

As much as we love our platforms, the beach may not be the best place for them. Sand can be trickier to walk on than the usual festival terrain. We recommend more flexible shoes for this one. These Sporty Baby Sandals have adjustable velcro and are open enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about a pound of sand filling your shoes and weighing you down. If you’re worried about your feet getting stepped on in open-toed shoes, try these lightweight Shinin’ All The Time Glitter Sneakers.

Neon Realness Platform Sneakers

iHeartRaves Dreamy Baby Silver Reflective Sneakers



A t-shirt can go a long way when building an outfit. Sport your favorite artist’s merch or a cool graphic tee while protecting your shoulders from the sun. T-shirts are pretty underrated when it comes to festival fashion. They can create a range of looks, from edgy to casually cool. You can also get creative with what you wear underneath. At Hangout, a bikini would be perfect so you can still hit Corona Beach in between sets.

Tough Attitude Fishnet Top

House Bombshell Top


Don’t forget to protect your eyes! Sunglasses are essential for any festival, especially one on the water. Sunglasses can be a great accessory no matter what you’re wearing. From tiny, decorative glasses to visors that protect your whole face from the sun, there’s something to complete any look.

It all comes down to making sure you’re comfortable and ready to dance. Like any festival, Hangout is a great place to show off your style. Pick something that makes you feel good about yourself and just have fun!

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